As we conclude Week 4 I wanted to thank you all for your assistance. Obviously we resumed lockdown but before that students were settled and the year began most productively.


Students have also made terrific connections with peers and their teachers. Please continue to support us to keep kids organised.


Their uniform must be impeccable. Some have outgrown their dresses/trousers and these need replacement.


Work is getting harder and more complex for students and they should devote time to revise class work to enhance their understanding and learning.


There is always work to be done even if ‘specific work’ has not been set for homework.  


We will continue to remind students of these expectations.


I also advocate you to encourage kids to read each day – this will improve their writing and learning.


Congratulations to both the Junior and Senior School Captains who were presented with their badges at the first General Assembly for the year on Friday 5 February 2021.




Captains: Kampi Nainhabo & Stephan Mitzeliotis                        

Deputy Captains: Tara Bajan, Bridget Chapman, Adam Hatchuel & Emmanuel Hontzogloy


SENIOR SCHOOL COUNCIL PRESIDENT       - Karleen Han             





Captains: Jordyn Freeman & Will McCartney    Deputy Captains: Jessica Ginsberg & Rhys Kennedy                  



Captains: Tara Bajan & Matthew O’Brien               

Deputy Captains: Kundali Powell & Markus Duggan                    



Captains: Victoria Poulos & Lachlan Smith                       

Deputy Captains: Catherine Braniska & Emmanuel Hontzogloy                       



Captains: Philippa Sharman-Smith & Fraser Sharman-Smith                          

Deputy Captains: Kailah Hollingworth & Liam Ayres        





Captains: Dana Boudiab, Grace James, Adam Pacak & James Vassiliou



Captains: Clancy Brett, Sonya Mikhaylova, Lina Nguyen & Nikola Tomic



Captains: Catherine Braniska, Isabella Gibson, Nicholas Lanaras & Digby Stannus



Captains: Kyla Fanstone, Sara Hatigan, Arianne Lindsay & Tobie Webster 




Captains: Lani Hammam & Roshan Jivanjee

Deputy Captains: Hannah Foran & Ilya Zyuzin


JUNIOR SCHOOL COUNCIL PRESIDENT -  Gisele Hennequin                                                                                      




Captains: Charli Guss & James Kay           

Deputy Captains: Ella Ruze & Krishna Sridhar                                                                                                                               


Captains: Isha Raman & Ethan Sellyn

Deputy Captains: Kyla Peel & Joshua Podolsky                



Captains: Chloe Apps & Angus Apps

Deputy Captains: Ori Landau & Flynn Howe                                               



Captains: Isabella Di Lecce & Adem Savran                     

Deputy Captains: Tali Rudzki & Harrison Hughes             


We wish them well with their responsibilities and know they will be terrific ambassadors.


Our Canteen is operating like a café and the staff are working very hard to improve the eating habits of children. Fried food is no longer available. They open at 7:30am and students are encouraged to come along and buy toasted sandwiches, hot/cold drinks and begin their day with good food.


Lunch orders can be placed on line and the variety of food and quality is impressive.


Information regarding ordering can be accessed on the McKinnon website under flexischools online – Canteen Lunch Orders.


Building of our second campus is coming along well and it will indeed be a most impressive facility.


It is due to be completed by November this year ready for our 2022 Years 8 & 9 students to move in!


Our second gymnasium is also coming along beautifully and will be ready for use in 2nd semester this year.


This will indeed be invaluable and I thank parents and School Council for their contributions that have made continuous improvement of our facilities possible. This is another totally school funded project.


We work hard to make the grounds and facilities well-kept and updated.


Extra shade sails were installed this week and the outdoor asphalt area has now been transformed to another soft court for kids to use.


School contributions and donations to the School Building Fund make all this investment possible.


We are again limiting on site visits by parents due to COVID restrictions. However, we held our very first parent night in a year for Year 12 parents on Tuesday 9 February and it was well attended and I really appreciate the strong partnership and wish the Year 12 parents all the best in the journey ahead.


We will have one Year 7 parent evening on site on Tuesday 2 March but will continue to provide on line links for all the others.


Thank you in advance for your attention to all the information that is distributed.


In supporting friends some young people don’t know what to do if their friends are ‘not okay’.  If their friends threaten self-harm or are engaging in other worrying behaviours it can indeed be quite traumatic and scary.


Patty Etcell, our Wellbeing Coordinator, and her team will communicate to students on how to navigate these difficult situations, who to contact and the avenues available for support.


It is very scary to see your friends in trouble and that is why professionals are required.


Patty and the Wellbeing team will also be sending out a link to provide information to parents.


My best advice is if your son/daughter is experiencing mental health issues or is self-harming please see your doctor and get a referral to an external psych for guidance and support.


Raising happy healthy and active kids is indeed everyone’s challenge.


We will continue to do all we can to keep staff and kids safe at school. They must always take every precaution to keep themselves safe and well. Masks are currently required. As information changes we will communicate this with families via Compass.


McKinnon is a full uniform school. We consider our students ambassadors for the College and expect all McKinnon students to wear their uniform with pride. All students in Years 7 to 12 are required to wear a blazer.


For terms 1 and 4 the blazer is optional – however it is the only outer garment permitted if the students want something warmer than their dress or shirt.


Adherence to school uniform rules is about respect for this community and its traditions and culture.


Again I thank parents for their support in implementing school policy. Anyone experiencing difficulties may contact the relevant Student Manager, Assistant Principals or myself.


Glen Eira Council, Victoria Police and Neighbourhood Watch have put together a crime prevention kit to help us make our family, home, car and community safe.


So much of our high volume crime is preventable if we each do our part in locking up our cars and homes, reporting suspicious behaviour and looking out for each other. Each kit has a large sticker for your wheelie bin at home, a DIY home security checklist to identify your own vulnerabilities, and a covering letter explaining the initiative and how each of us plays a part in preventing crime and keeping our neighbourhood safe. Our school has partnered with Victoria Police to bring these kits to you. The project is being overseen by Leading Senior Constables Lisa Dobbie, Chris Dawson and Michelle Lindsay from Moorabbin Proactive Unit.


You may contact the General Office on 8520 9000 and be placed on a participant list. We will then advise you when the kits are available to be picked up by you from the school.