Literacy Report

Getting it right in Reading!

Quality Literature for Children

"To learn about literacy, young children must have opportunities to see lots of print and must have easy access to books. Children also need to observe their parents, other adults, or older siblings using literacy in everyday situations. Selecting the right book is the first step toward a successful story" (Christie, J. F., Vukelich, C., & Enz, B. (2007)).


It is almost Book Week (17th-23rd October) and every year the Children’s Book Council of Australia present the short list for the Book of the Year award. Below is a list of some of these books. These books are engaging, high quality children’s literature that your children will love and won’t want to put down. Head to our school library or your local library and check them out!


The Book of the Year: Early Childhood


The Book of the Year: Younger Readers


Picture Book of the Year


 Further examples of quality literature you might like to read at home can be found on the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s website:


Head to the Book of the Year tab along the top of the page and select from Book of the Year, Shortlisted and Notables.


Sarah Mills- Leading Teacher Literacy