Upcoming Events

Monday 11 March

OLNA Reading 

08:45am - 09:40am  Peer Support P1 

Tuesday 12 March

Swimming Team Training ACC 7am College Pool 

Y11 Geography Fire field trip 

04:00pm - 04:40pm  Senior Basketball 

07:00pm - 08:30pm  P&F meeting 

Wednesday 13 March

Feast of Charles Albini 

OLNA Numeracy 

03:15pm - 04:30pm  Redhage Basketball Clinic 

06:30pm - 08:00pm  Y12 Parent Information Evening 

Thursday 14 March

Swimming Training Team ACC 7am College Pool 

07:00am - 08:15am  Redhage Basketball Clinic 

Friday 15 March

12E Mass 

ACC Swimming Team Meet (3:00pm) 

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11 April 2019


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