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Thank you to everyone who came down to our registration day (or sent in your registrations!).  We have JUST enough players to be able to nominate two teams for each age group (7/8, 9/10, 11/12) – BUT we really need a few more players to make this work from week to week – so if you have not yet registered, but would like to play, please let us know ASAP (contact details below).   The registration form can be found attached below.


A quick reminder to anyone who has not yet paid, please do this so we don’t have to follow up with you!!  We’d really appreciate this. 

Any questions about payments, contact:

Neil Hooper on 0429411022


Pre-Season Training

Pre-Season Training is commencing next week:

Wednesday 13 March

Year 7/8s – Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm on College oval

Year 9/10s – Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm on College oval

Year 11/12s – many of you (those going to Singapore in April) will already be training twice a week, but for anyone who is not going to Singapore, and has not yet commenced training, come along to pre-season training Wednesday 5:00-6:00pm at Southern River turf or 7:00am Fridays in the College gym.

For all year 7/8 and 9/10 players, throughout terms 2 and 3, there will be turf training on alternate Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00pm.  This will be weekly for all 11/12 players. 


The first turf session will be Tuesday 26 March - details to be confirmed closer to the time.  Team coaches will advise teams what their training schedule will be when teams and coaches are finalised. 

Please note: For anyone who cannot get to their allotted team training sessions (e.g. if you are involved in Oliver! or play another sport on your training day), you are welcome to come along to any other training session, or to just come to games until you are available for training later in the season – we’d still love you to be part of the club! 

Club Day

This is our annual afternoon where the whole club comes together and runs through drills and skills work, followed by a sausage sizzle (for the whole family) and a game where the current year 11/12 players who are going to Singapore will play against the Old Boys.

There will be some high profile players to run you through some drills and teach you some of the techniques they have learnt along their hockey journey.


Training sessions will be taken by coaches and special guests including Premier League players from Curtin Hockey Club.


This is a great opportunity for new players and families to come and meet the club coaching staff and other Mazenod families!


Any questions - contact:

Emma at 0410 561 650

or email:

Hockey Calendar and Game Times

The season calendar can be found at the following link:



Please note that the first games of the season will be held the weekend of 3-5 May (Mothers Day weekend).

Games are held as follows:

Year 7/8 – Saturday mornings

Year 9/10s – Sunday mornings

Year 11/12s – Friday evenings

Next Hockey Committee Meeting ​​​​​​​


Last Tuesday of Term 1, 9 April, in the Staff Room at 7:00pm – all welcome. 

We will be handing out Manager Bags at this meeting – and will be in contact before then with everyone who has offered to assist with managing or any other role.


Thank you and as always, we welcome any questions anytime.


Peter Bewick (Club President) or phone 0417 944 314

Emma Lawrence (Club Secretary) or phone 0410561 659