Board and Stewardship Council Induction

On a cold and wintry Saturday we welcomed new Board Directors and Stewardship Council Members for our third annual Induction Day.  Through the course of this day we explored the history and structure of Kildare Ministries including the vital role Boards and Stewardship Councils play in its governance.  Participants also spent some time reflecting on the 2019 value, Hospitality and how the vision, mission and values of Kildare Ministries underpin all our governance decisions.  We are very grateful to each new member for attending and for Trustees Rosemary Copeland & Maree Marsh (co-chairs) and Acting Chair KEM Board Louise Cleary for their contribution to the discussions.



BASP Board: Julie Francis (Chair), Margaret Hill, Cecilia Merrigan, Norman Katende, Josh Lourensz;

Star of the Sea Board: Angela Alibrando;

Kilbreda Stewardship Council: John Mitchell, Fiona Jackson;

Kildare Stewardship Council: Jo Coonan (Chair)