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When asked to nominate a staff member or student who represents and embodies the values and vision of Kildare Ministries, Brigidine College Indooroopilly chose their Early Career Teacher - Jordan Whitney.


As an early career teacher of Mathematics and Health and Physical Education (HPE), Jordan strives to embody the Kildare values in her teaching at Brigidine College, Indooroopilly. Jordan actively leads by example, demonstrating an ability to welcome all and be inclusive of others, especially as she responds to the needs of students or staff.  Building self-efficacy in her students, Jordan mentors and guides our next generation, in both her classrooms and Homework Clubs.  She sets achievable goals, shifting their mindset to one of growth, and a belief in neuroplasticity. By valuing young women with a strong sense of dignity and respect, Jordan enables a strong and gentle approach to become change makers and problem solvers for the 21st Century. These are the tools for her students to then stand up for those who are silenced or marginalised.

Jordan’s compassion and gentleness are demonstrated with staff and students, as she actively hears and listens to provide ways to search and discover opportunities to move forward.  She evaluates our capacity as teachers to engage with others by singing the praises of those around her.  By making her conversations positive, she radiates confidence, energy and enthusiasm to impact her students and colleagues.

Importantly, Jordan demonstrates her courage through her willingness to be flexible - shifting her priorities in response to the demands of the situation whilst remaining positive and keeping an open mind. Teaching is a forever dynamic profession, where being kind, spreading positive news, and participating in the College community, reminds us to be present and to make the most of our talents. A sign of love and justice in our world is Jordan’s ability to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. She quietly inspires those around her to do better and be better.

Brendan Cahill




We also asked Brigidine College's leadership team to answer a few questions on their Principal Brendan. Here is what they had to say:

What is an inspiring thing that Brendan has said?

Brendan focuses on the power of learning to be transformational for young women today and asserts the importance of taking personal responsibility for your education.


What’s a funny thing that Brendan has done?  

Brendan gets his workmates to shift house.   Max his cat,  loves him so much that he will often give him a side swipe!


What 5 words describe Brendan?   

Confident, resilient, compassionate, forward thinking and a quick healer!


What does Brendan do that demonstrates to the community that he is being true to the Brigidine charism?

Brendan exemplifies the Brigidine charism through his support and encouragement of students and staff, as well as his commitment to caring for those within the wider community.  He encourages staff to develop their God-given gifts to explore new opportunities for learning and engaging in innovative educational projects. His constant engagement with the local community beyond our Brigidine campus allows all to feel supported and respected. The students at Brigidine College represent the College with strength and gentleness in all that they do, led by Brendan’s example.


How does Brendan give expression to this year’s KM value of Hospitality?

Visitors at Brigidine College always express their feeling of warmth and welcome they get when they visit campus and experience the Brigidine community for the first time. The feeling of welcome is strongly promoted and encouraged by Brendan in all staff and students. The time that he gives to all new visitors at the College is testament to the care and respect he shares for all those he welcomes into the Brigidine community.

Brendan also runs a prayer session every Friday morning for staff.


What does Brendan do to relax?

Brendan loves to watch his beloved Hawthorn AFL team and plays occasional golf.