An insight into our Ministries - Kilbreda College

This year we are asking our ministries to nominate a staff member or student who represents and embodies the values and vision of Kildare Ministries. Two ministries will feature in each newsletter. Kilbreda College chose Lia Commadeur csb.

Sr Lia is a significant part of the Kilbreda community having joined the staff in 1992 and being the only Brigidine sister on staff since 2012.  Prior to joining Kilbreda, Lia worked in primary schools for over twenty years as both a teacher and principal.  Her current role as Fees Officer is one that few would envy but Lia loves due to the connection she forms with our families over time. She is a model of Strength and Kindliness in all that she does and truly embodies the Kildare Ministries values.  Staff and students alike have greatly benefitted from her sharing of the Brigidine story, the call to serve, and the transition to Kildare Ministries.  It was a joy for our community to acknowledge and celebrate her 50th anniversary of religious profession in 2018 with her.

One of Lia’s great loves is to walk. She walks for leisure, fitness and contemplation. In 2012, she walked the Camino de Santiago and in 2017 led the Kildare Ministries pilgrims up Croagh Patrick, Ireland’s holiest mountain despite gale force winds! Lia embraced every moment of the pilgrimage and it was clear to all present to see how much the experience meant to her as a Brigidine. Those that shared this experience with her quickly came to see her incredibly kind, generous and loyal heart.


Nicole Mangelsdorf



We also asked Dalal's colleagues and regular volunteers to answer a few questions about Dalal. Here is what they had to say:


What words would you use to describe Nicole?

Nicole has been described as loyal, committed, compassionate, trustworthy, dependable, adventurous, goal-oriented, empathetic, determined and just.


Why is Nicole so inspiring?

During formation days for our College Leadership Team, Nicole drew upon the work of Brene Brown to inspire us to ‘dare to lead’ by answering ‘the call to courage’.  She draws on her experiences in South Africa with Sister Sheila Flynn OP to emphasise the importance of seeing a need and responding with compassion.  Nicole has a deep commitment to matters of social justice and empowers us to stand up and speak out against injustice and strive to create a just and tolerant society.


What does Nicole do that demonstrates to the community that she is a ‘Brigidine’?

For Kilbreda College, St Brigid remains an inspiration and continues to ignite the sense of purpose and hope that that education brings.  Like St Brigid, Nicole challenges our community to create a better world through education, to care for creation, to advocate for the environment and sustainability, to have the courage to question their world and model the charism of St Brigid, strength and kindliness.


How does Nicole give expression to this year’s KM value of Hospitality?

When addressing the whole school community, Nicole always emphasises the importance of embracing difference and working to create a welcoming, open, inclusive and respectful environment for all individuals, through our words and actions.  Nicole unpacks what it means to respect and uphold the ‘dignity of the human person.’  She highlights how through simple gestures we can send a powerful message to an individual that ‘I see you and I hear you.’  She uses examples of her experiences volunteering at the St Vincent De Paul Soup van to model to our school community the importance of acting justly.


What’s a funny thing that Nicole has done?

Each Brigidine Day Nicole likes to dress up with her leadership team to support a student suggested theme.  One year she came as a Police Officer from the Village People and led her team on stage in a rendition of the YMCA.  Last year, Nicole came as Professor McGonagall and weaved her magic.


What does Nicole do to relax?

To relax, Nicole likes to spend time with her family especially her nephew James.  She loves the outdoors in particular riding horses.  Nicole is an avid cricket fan and is currently enjoying going home from work and tuning in to the World Cup.  She enjoys travelling and exploring the wonders of the world.