From our Parents' Committee,

Shhhh!  Mother's Day Stall.

Dear Parents/Carers,



Mother’s Day Stall  - Friday 7 May 2021

The Annual Mother’s & Special Persons Day Gift Stall is being held Friday, 7th May. 


The stall operates during school hours and all children get the chance to visit the stall with their class and purchase a special gift for Mum, Grandma or other special person in their life. 


There is a large selection of gifts available for the children to choose from with gift prices ranging from $2 to $8. There is a 2 gift per child limit. If you would like your child to participate in this activity, so they can choose a gorgeous and fun gift please send money with them to school on Friday. 


We need Parent volunteers to help out and to guide the children to make the right choice on the day. Please sign up via the link sent out by your class convenor. If you have issues signing up to the roster please contact your class convenor.


Thank you from your PC Committee 


Parents Committee Membership


All new and current members must sign a registration form each year as per DET guidelines.  If you already know you want to help out in the community, thank you so very much. Our children love to see us active in their school and we love to welcome fellow parents who want to be involved; even as few as ten minutes per week or a suggestion here and there helps make what we do possible. Please return your signed form to




We hope to see you soon. 


Lori Silver, Valeria Green, Amy Pate and Maria Palazon 


Your PC Leadership Team