From the School Leadership Team,

From Mr. Chant,




On Monday we collected as a school and assembled at the cenotaph in Caulfield Park to commemorate the annual ANZAC Day observance. Each year our children are able to join in this important acknowledgement and reflect upon the freedoms we enjoy today that were preserved by those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of our country.


Many thanks to our families who joined us in the park, to our school leaders who organised the commemoration and to our staff who made this special day possible.


Recent COVID guidelines have asked schools to place capacity limits on their public spaces -e.g. the front office area. We have calculated that nine people can be in this space (including students) at any one time. Please monitor this as you arrive at the office and be prepared to wait.


School opens at 8.45am and children move straight to class. In recent times we have had an influx of students arriving late to school. To meet our attendance requirements they must be signed in at the kiosk by an adult/carer. Your cooperation in this matter ensures that we can account for all students on the attendance system and maintain our focus on student safety.


This year we are proud to present ‘Rock Bottom” as the school production. This much awaited event is scheduled for one night only at the Palais Theatre in St. Kilda on Tuesday, 14th September. Each production, we make available a branded garment that acts as a memento and a souvenir for this special event. Orders for these tops can be made via QKR. Information went out on Compass this week.  Information can be found later within this newsletter.


We have a school crossing outside the school on Balaclava Road that is controlled by traffic lights and a member of the Glen Eira Council traffic management team. Everyone is reminded to walk across this space, stay in the lines and follow the direction of the staff in attendance.

Another reminder that there are clearly signed directions around U-turns in Balaclava Road in front to the school. They are illegal.


Parents are welcome onsite in the afternoons to collect their children, connect with the teacher, meet their friends and have a short play at the end of the school day. When the bell sounds at 3.45 pm we ask families who are not involved in afterschool programs or accessing Team Kids that they make their way out the gates and start their journey home. 


Lost property needs to be checked and we ask families to access the “collection” on the ground floor near the art room.


A reminder that we are holding a Working Bee this Sunday. 1.00 - 4.00pm, Prep families and any Year 6 family that missed out because of inclement weather last time are invited to attend.


In the coming weeks the students in year 3 and 5 will complete the NAPLAN series of tests. These nationally administered tests are taken in literacy and numeracy. The results are issued to the school and to parents once the assessments are completed and provide a snapshot of individual and cohort performance. The NAPLAN results form a small part of the assessment activities undertaken by our teachers.


Our students from years 4-6 will also complete the annual Attitudes to School survey later this term. This anonymous online feedback survey for students, provides insight into classroom instruction, engagement, safety and learning activities from the perspective of the student. Staff will use the collated data to identify areas of strength and also areas that can be further improved.


Angus Dodwell continued his swimming challenges by recently competing in the State 50m Butterfly event for 10 year old boys at MSAC. Angus finished a creditable fourth in a close race. Congratulations and well done on this great achievement.


From Mme. Pommier,

French Director.


Chère communauté de CJC,


Compte rendu du questionnaire du programme français binational par Zoom le 5 mai 2021 à 18h.


Le 5 mai prochain de 18h à 19h, nous vous rappelons que vous êtes invité à une soirée d’information sur les résultats du questionnaire de satisfaction auquel vous avez répondu à la fin de l’année dernière. Réservez dès maintenant la date. Voici le lien Zoom qui vous permettra d’assister à la réunion :


Visite de Hajer Gam, chargée de l’Éducation à l’Ambassade de France et David Binan, Directeur de l’école Telopea à Canberra


Hier, nous avons eu le plaisir d’accueillir Hajer Gam de l’Ambassade de France qui est venue rendre visite à notre école, en préparation à la conférence de l’AEFEBS (Association des école bilingues franco-anglophones en Australie) qui aura lieu au mois d’octobre prochain.  Nous avons également reçu la visite de David Binan de l’école Telopea à Canberra, ce qui nous a permis d’échanger sur les pratiques d’enseignement bilingue.  Ce fut un réel plaisir de les retrouver en personne.


Rencontre entre des élèves en Year 7 de Auburn High et nos élève de 6ème


Lundi prochain, un groupe d’élèves de Auburn High se joindra à notre assemblée pour donner à avant-goût à nos élèves de 6ème de ce qui les attend pour la transition vers l’école secondaire, ils partageront leur expérience personnelle et quelques conseils pratiques.



Dear CJC community,


Results of the French Binational Program survey shared via Zoom on May 5, 2021 at 6pm.


We would like to remind you that you are invited to an information night regarding the results of the French binational Program survey on Wednesday May 5 from 6 to 7pm.  The families of the students enrolled in the program were invited to fill out a satisfaction survey at the end of 2020.  Please reserve the date. Here is the Zoom link to access the meeting:


Visit from Hajer Gam, Education Officer at the French Embassy and David Dinan, Principal at Talopea in Canberra


Hajer Gam, Education Officer at the French Embassy, came to visit our school to prepare for the upcoming AEFEBS (Australian Association of the French English Bilingual School) conference in October this year.  We also had the pleasure to welcome David Dinan, Principal at Talopea in Canberra, it was a great opportunity to exchange on teaching practice in a bilingual context.  It was a real joy to meet them face-to-face again.


Meeting between Auburn High Year 7 students and our Grade 6s


Next Monday, a group of year 7 students from Auburn High will join our weekly assembly to give a sneak peek to our Grade 6 students on what to expect in their transition to secondary school.  They will share some of their personal experience and offer some practical advice.