Learning and Teaching


Thursday 13th September:

Whole school Technical Rehearsal at Firbank Grammar School, Brighton.

  • School will commence at normal time, 8.50am and finish at normal time, 3.25pm
  • Students will travel to and from Firbank by bus
  • Buses will depart at 9.30am and will return at 2.30pm.

Thursday 20th September:

  • We are coordinating with GOSH to see if they can offer before care until 11.15am – more details to come. (School will be supervised from 11.15am)
  • Students will be bussed to Firbank at 12.00pm and will remain at the venue until after the evening show.
  • Students will need to be picked up from Firbank Grammar at approximately between 7.45pm and 8.00pm.
  • Students cannot be picked up between shows.


Show times are 3.00pm and 6.30pm.

  • Please ensure your child has had breakfast and a snack before they come to school
  • Students will need to bring a packed lunch and two snacks

There will be an opportunity to pre-order lunch from our usual provider for this to be delivered in between shows – more details to come.


Caremonkey permission for Thursday 13th September and Thursday 20th September will be sent soon.


Many thanks in advance for your assistance and cooperation,

Miss Carmen Carnovale




As you are aware, we have a variety of programmes running in the school aimed at assisting students in specific areas of the Victorian Curriculum. Some students are supported by intervention specialist teachers, through Reading Recovery and Number Intervention.  Others work with Learning Support Officers in Spelling, Reading, Number, Speech-Language Development, English as an Additional Language and Social Skills.


Through these programmes, children are supported in developing particular skills.  Usually, a child will be involved in a particular programme for a given period of time, often a school term.  His/her involvement in a programme is based on assessment data and referral by the classroom teacher.  Ongoing assessment is implemented to monitor each child’s progress and to determine future intervention strategies, if required.


Today, letters were sent out on CareMonkey to inform you if your child has been selected for our Number or Social Skills programmes.  Letters will be sent out next week for the Spelling support programme, and later in the term, letters re Guided Reading and English as an Additional Language will be distributed.  The letters are to inform you of your child’s involvement; please respond on CareMonkey for our records. If you would like to discuss any of the support programmes for which your child has been selected, please contact me at my email address (above).


On Friday, July 27 (this Friday) and Monday, July 30 (Monday next week), we are celebrating being at school for 100 days this year!  All classes are involved in the celebration, participating in a World of Maths incursion, as well as a variety of activities from across the curriculum. We look forward to two days of fun and learning!  


Classroom teachers, particularly from the junior grades, will be looking for helpers, so please let them know if you are available at any time to help.  For the Maths incursion in particular, we would love some parent assistance.  The timetable for these is below:


Friday 27th July 

Session 1) Prep - 9.00-9.50 – Will need assistance from a school buddy, teacher or parent during the Maths Workshops.

Session 2) Year 1 - 9.55-10.45 – Will need assistance from a school buddy, teacher or parent during the Maths Workshops.

Session 3) Year 2 - 11.30-12.20 – Will need assistance from a school buddy, teacher or parent during the Maths Workshops. 

Session 4) Year 3 - 12.25-1.15

Session 5) Year 4 - 2.35-3.20 


Monday 30th July 

Session 6) 11.35 – 1.05 - Years 5 &6 


While each Maths incursion is taking place, other classes will participate in levels (P-2; 3-4, 5-6) in round-robins of multi-curricular activities, all centring on the idea of 100.  We will complete the celebrations on Monday afternoon with a whole-school assembly at 2.40pm in the hall, to which you are all invited.


Apart from presenting a summary of the celebrations at the Assembly, we will also have a few minutes to share any collections of 100 'things' which each child is invited to bring to school.  Unusual and imaginative collections will be the first to be presented if we are short of time.  We look forward to seeing 100s of wonderful ideas!!


Lunch breaks remain the same, so lunch orders are welcome on Friday. 


Thank you!  Looking forward to seeing you at our 100 Days of School celebrations!


Please contact me with any queries: jferris@gsmelbournesth.catholic.edu.au.


  Jane Ferris



Professional Learning for Teachers in Mathematics

As you are aware, our staff are continually involved in professional learning and development.  This year, one of our school focuses is on Number.  Today, our Year One and Two teachers, are participating in a full day of learning with other schools from our Maths Collective. This is the second day of Professional Development in the Learning Framework in Number in which these teachers have participated.  It’s a wonderful way to learn: Sharing ideas with teachers from other schools in the area is a very rewarding and empowering process. 

In Week 4, on August 8, our Year 3-6 teachers will also participate in some intense Professional Development in the learning and teaching of Multiplication and Division.  We look forward to this full day of learning.  A big thank you to Mr Millar for his support in ensuring our staff are able to continue their learning in the area of Mathematics this year!  The improved outcomes in Maths of all of our children is our goal!


Number Intervention

This semester, in Terms 3 and 4, I look forward to working with various Year 2 students, supporting them with an intensive programme in Number.  In partnership with the Year 1 and 2 teachers, and with the parents of these children, we are sure to see some wonderful improvements in confidence and knowledge of Number in these year levels!