Evie's Place

On Monday 18th July a few select guests were invited to a once-in-a-lifetime special event -  lunch at Evie's Place.


Evie's Place was the result of months of planning, learning and preparing by Evie in Year 3/4.


Evie wanted to learn what it was like to be a waitress in her very own restaurant.


In Terms 1 & 2, Evie spent a lot of time organising a menu, creating a shopping list, tallying orders, creating invitations, learning about money, and practicing being the waitress and customer. 


Evie spent weeks looking through and reading cookbooks, trying to decide on just the right recipes for her restaurant. 

After this, she had to work out quantities so that we had enough ingredients. Then the fun started- the cooking! 


The day of the grand opening, our host Evie, looked like a real waitress in her black outfit, and greeted her customers with a smile at the door. 


Some of the work that Evie completed on the day was:

  • Taking orders from her guests.
  • Greeting her guests at the door
  • Delivering the orders to the chef
  • Delivering the meals to her customers
  • Clearing the plates
  • Calculating how much people spent, and collecting money

All of Evie's guests agreed that it was a great success, and that Evie's Place was definitely the place to be.


A big thank you to Miss Debbie for printing her banner! 



~Mrs Cuni