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Dr Steph Spincer In-home Incursion 

What a treat it was to have Dr Spincer, our ‘in house’ scientist, give a very special video lesson yesterday on WATER. More specifically, how the earth’s resource of water is used in a variety of ways. Some of our children had a great time joining in on the precipitation, transpiration and erosion experiments. Here are a few examples from 2AQ


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Charlotte F


Spencer S 1CS



Tuesday, 13th May 2020

Kipler Russet becomes the face of Hasselbach Helicopters



29-year-old Kipler Russet, was born on a farm in Holland in 1991.  As a young spud he developed a chip on his shoulder, after being mashed in the school yard. 


These experiences made him want to become the strongest Dutch potato in the world. It was through his sister Satina, that Kipler discovered weightlifting. 


New comer, Kipler started small, with peas, then carrots, cabbages then watermelons and finally gigantic pumpkins!


Today, if Kipler is not training for the now delayed Olympics (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) he enjoys flying his Hasselbach Helicopter.  As the new face of Hasselbach Helicopters Kipler peels… I mean feels on top of the world.


Be sure to keep your eyes on the skies, you might get a glimpse of him.                                                                        

Ethan L 4JP Reporting


These are one-point perspective drawings by Grades 5 & 6


Kaden F 6CD




Ben R 6CD


Darcy 6CD


Emma H 5HR



Sam P 5BG



The clock is a helpful item because it tells me how long I've been in quarantine for. Time goes by so slowly in quarantine*. 


My clock is pretty big, about 30cm in diameter. It is made by the company, Davis & Waddell. Sometimes I think that it takes longer than usual to tick tock. Time goes by so slowly in quarantine. 


It is used for telling the time (well sometimes when it’s not telling the correct time). My whole family uses it so they know when it’s time to go back to work for dad, school for me and my brother and kinder for my sister. Mum can’t wait to have the house back to herself and have some quiet. Time goes by so slowly in quarantine.


I also use it at night, so when I wake up at midnight I know it’s time to go back to sleep and get rest for a big day of homeschool (big, big day, because you have to upload all the work). 


Other people have emotions for the clock (not love or anything like that). My brother gets stressed when he can’t get all his work done and it’s 4:30pm. I’m normally fine with it, but when it hits 3:00pm and I have got 2 long tasks to go I get really really stressed too. My sister gets angry when it takes longer than 15 minutes to get somewhere and back.


Time really does go slowly in quarantine.


Writing Assignment Look around the room you are in. Pick out something you see.Write about it. What does it look like? What is it used for? Who uses it?Write at least 200 words. 

George McI 5HR

  Composite Shapes 

Charlotte E 5HR


Prep Wacky Wednesday. They read the Dr. Suess book - Wacky Wednesday 

and dressed up for a whole prep 'WACKY' assembly


Maya PCB


Swapnell PCB


All work reproduced with permission of parents.