School Council News

School Council Meetings

The School Council and Committees will be meeting online this term.  The dates and contact person of meetings are as follows:


School Council: 15th June @ 7.30pm (Robyn James)

Education & Policy: Wednesday 3rd June  @ 6.30pm (Dean Napier)

Traffic: Wednesday 3rd June @ 6.30pm (Robyn James)

Buildings, Grounds & Sustainability: Thursday 4th June @ 6.30pm (Robyn James)

Finance: Tuesday 9th June  @ 5.45pm (Craig Kendall)

Parent Association: TBC (Amanda Gunnerson and John Richmond)

If you are not on a committee but are interested in attending, please email the contact person listed.


At the School Council meeting on Monday night the following policies and procedures were ratified:

Camps and Excursions, Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations (Including Mandatory Reporting), Health Care Needs, Student Health Support Plan and Yard Duty and Supervision.

These will be available on the school's website.


School Council: 

Jim Giannopoulos