Teaching & Learning

Hello from Prep H!


We have LOVED returning to school and have spent the last two weeks enjoying seeing our friends and learning back in the classroom environment. 

We have continued our learning of the Jolly Phonics sounds, and enjoyed time to create crafts about each sound. We love learning the new actions that match the sounds, which help us to remember when we are reading and writing them. Here are some of the crafts we have done, and we used chalk to draw pictures for the digraph ‘ch’.




In numeracy we have been continuing our learning of addition and have been making and reading equations using picture representations. Here is a picture of one we made using students in the classroom!



In the mornings, we have been practising our literacy and numeracy skills using hands on activities, and have enjoyed challenging ourselves.




After lunch, we like to enjoy meditation time or yoga, which helps us to relax and refresh for the next lesson.