Acting Principal's Report

This week marks the end of a history making time period in education. 

We all know the significance of the roles we have all had to play during this time and I think I can speak for all of us when I say it’s nice to be back to (relative) normality. 


The Focus

With less than three weeks to go of this term it’s important to share with you our focus until the end of term:

  1. Health and wellbeing of every student
  2. Getting back into the daily routines of school
  3. Academics – planning for what needs to be revisited and what needs to be assessed

I think if we have a healthy balance of those three things we should be on the right path to having a successful return to LPS. 


Thanks for your Feedback! 

Last week we emailed out to you a survey about online learning.  We have also asked for our students and teachers to provide feedback on this as well. From looking at hundreds of pieces of feedback I want to thank our parent community for giving our leadership group such thoughtful and constructive feedback.  There is always something to learn from every experience we have and this is no exception. 

Whilst none of us want to go back down the path we have been down, there are definitely practices that worked well and we need to identify them so that we maximise the positives from this experience. 


Moving Forward

At this stage we are still unsure of what Term 3 will look like here at school with regards to DET guidelines.  As it stands, assemblies, excursions, parents in classrooms or onsite are still not allowed to happen but as always, I will let you know if/when the guidelines change. 


Flag Poles

Congratulations to Mr Hickey who was successful in obtaining a grant to get another flagpole (and have all flagpoles the same height) so we can display the Torres Strait Island flag at the front of the school. 


School Reports

Several weeks ago, DET sent out their guidelines for what Semester 1 reports will look like.  Having only had the students at school for 8 weeks it was going to be an interesting task!  So, Semester 1 reports will not have progression points, work habits or effort marked.  They will have a general overview of the curriculum that has been delivered both at school and online with some comments about what to focus on in Semester 2.  We will schedule parent/teacher interviews for mid-Term 3 so our teachers can give you a better idea of how your child is progressing in 2020.


Have a great week,


Mark Moorhouse

Acting Principal