The Sport Department was so excited to launch the “Virtual Olympic Pentathlon” for Years 3-8 this week. Despite another lockdown cancelling the Primary House Athletics scheduled for Monday 9th August, we’ve loved seeing students showcase the new skills they’ve been learning in PE in track and field events. The 2032 Brisbane Olympics are only 11 years away, is it possible that one of our “Virtual Athletes” could one day be seen competing for Australia?

Students can find the link for the online form on Primary and Secondary Hub Pages

And remember, the more submissions, the more points for your House!


Andrew Farmer and the Sport Team

House Cross Country

On the final day of Term 2 St Andrews ran it's first House Cross Country event involving over 500 students from Years 3-12. It was a fantastic day with outstanding weather at Lakewood Reserve despite the forecast of rain providing some trepidation for staff and students alike. 


It truly was great to be able to run our own modified Cross Country event after the all to familiar Covid-19 restrictions we've faced in the past year. Thank you to all our parent helpers, staff and students, what a great day we had!

Yet again DEAKIN came out on top, followed by Parkes then Barton. Deakin often take home the big event winner title, how do they do it? Top students who ran well, qualify for the CSEN Cross Country event. But the real winner was seeing all the students doing so much physical activity and enjoying themselves in the process. 


Thank you to my wonderful PE team and everyone else who got stuck in to help the House Cross Country be a successful day.


Andrew Farmer

Head of P.E. and Health

St Andrews CSEN Update - Great to Get Out to Play! 

In the brief break between lockdowns, we were VERY excited on the Wednesday to play our first FULL round of winter sport (in two years)! 


Year 9/10 Boys Soccer team below  took home the win defeating Maranatha 4-0! 

The Girls Soccer team lost narrowly, Girls Volleyball won some sets and Boys Netball are improving. It was GREAT to have students back playing winter sport in the mud and wind! 


Andrew Farmer

Head of P.E. and Health