Tirkandi Library News

Tirkandi Library News

Term 1 Week 4


Thank you to all the families who visited the library and introduced themselves during our Building Connections Community Night. It was lovely meeting new faces and learning about your child/ren's reading interests and favourite books. 


Many students have noticed our new display noting staff member's favourite childhood books. It has been great to see this topic spark discussion among peers as well as staff themselves. Some students have even pointed out that they share the same interests as staff did when they were their age!



You also may have noticed the newest addition to the Tirkandi library, our very own Clifford the big red dog! Clifford sits at the front of our library near the borrowing desk to help students with their borrowing. Come and say hello!





Please collect challenge forms from class teachers, the library or download the attachment below. Forms can be returned at the library in the grey tray on our circulation desk or handed directly to me.




Reception – Can borrow 2 books

Years 1/2 - Can borrow 4 books

Torrens – Years 3/4 children can borrow 6 books

Fisher – Years 5, 6 & 7 children can borrow 6 books

Parents – Can borrow up to 10 books

(All loan limits include both in-class and take home readers)


Books can be kept for a maximum of 2 weeks. All that is required is a library bag (for Reception, Year 1/2) and no overdue books. Students are encouraged to manage their own library bag and borrow regularly.



Students can either place books they want to return in their classroom library box or directly into the green returns box in the library (please see photo). Please note that lost or damaged books will incur a $10 payment.





School policy states that $10 is the replacement cost for each book not returned. Your child will be unable to borrow until the book(s) are returned or the $10 payment is made to the Tirkandi library or Front Office via cash only. If the book is found the money will be refunded.


Please feel welcome to visit the library and say hello. I encourage all families to utilise our wonderful Tirkandi space during opening hours. I look forward to meeting you!



Monday - Before school

Tuesday - Before school

Wednesday - After school

Thursday - After school

Friday - Before school


Tegan Dart

Library Manager