School News

Parents in Education Grant

In 2019 the Governing Council Education Committee applied for a Parents in Education (PIE) Grant. PIE Grants aim to support and increase the participation of parents/caregivers in their child's schooling. We have been successful with our application and have been awarded $3300 towards our project. 


We will be engaging Bill Hansberry from Hansberry Educational Consulting to present two sessions focussed on feedback received from parents at last year's Education Forum.


Workshop 1 - 12th March 7pm-8:30pm

Raising Kids with grit: being the Best Resilience Coach for your Kids so they can navigate life's ups and downs 


We encourage parents to attend this highly relevant  and informative session. Please register using the Eventbrite Link


Workshop 2 - 28th May 7pm-8:30pm

Registrations for Workshop 2 will be avalaible early next term. 

Kiss and Drop Zones

In 2019 the LNPS Governing Council undertook extensive work  with the West Torrens Council to improve student pick up in the afternoon.


As you would be aware it can become quite chaotic on Grallina Street and Malurus Avenue between 2:55pm and 3:20pm. 


Due to this we now have  'Kiss and Drop Zones' on Grallina Street as well as the zone on Malurus Avenue. 


We ask that parents use these zones correctly and move forward as cars leave the zone to enable flow. Please see the attached picture for the correct use of a 'Kiss and Drop Zone'.


The council and I will be monitoring both zones in the coming weeks for effectiveness and correct use by people picking up students.


Also just remember that the speed limit on Malurus Avenue is 25km/hr between Grallina Street and Pierson Street. This is a high traffic area and we all need to take care to ensure the safety of all users.


We appreciate everyones understanding and cooperation during the initial stages of the new zones. 

Governing Council Sub Committees

The LNPS Governing Council functions through the hard work of our sub committees. These group work collaboratively to make recommendations to the Governing Council in their area of focus.  They are the main driving force behind Governing Council and play an essential role in school management.


We are now seeking expressions of interest for our committees. This includes:

  • Finance
  • Grounds and Buildings
  • Sports
  • Education
  • OSHC
  • Community Collaboration (see article)

If you would like further information or would like to join any committee  please contact

Community Engagement Collaboration 

The Community Collaboration is looking for members, will it be you?


The what, you say? After the success of the community cooking Masterclass in 2019 the Governing Council and Fundraising Committee is looking to evolve and wed love you to join us in 2020!


The Community Collaboration will be a fusion of the historic LNPS Parents and Friends (P&F) and traditional fundraising activities; we hope that with this change the group will become more engaging and beneficial to the entire school community, whilst still raising funds for projects throughout the school. 


This year we are looking to introduce new initiatives and ideas, whilst keeping the kids fed with the traditional BBQ and bake sale activities.


To help us in this quest we are looking for members to help with the development and execution of these ideas. We will keep the fun in fundraising and add the energy of engagement!


If you would like to join our committee please contact to register your name.

Year 7 to High School in 2022

Year 7s will be at High Schools in South Australia from 2022. This means that 2021 will be the last year we have Year 7s in  primary schools. At the end of 2021, Year 7s will graduate and go to High School as Year 8s in 2022, and Year 6s will also graduate and go to High School as Year 7s in 2022.


The approach to this transition will receive careful attention from Leadership and Governing Council at LNPS during 2020. We will certainly keep the school community informed as plans progress during the year.


For more information from the Department for Education, which is constantly being updated, please click on the link below.

School Photo Mop-Up

If your child was away for Class photos on Tuesday 3rd March, the photographers will return early on Friday morning, 6th of March, to take individual photos of those who were missed.

Early Bird Raffle Winner

Congratulations to the Williams family from R8 who have won the Early Bird Raffle - a refund of $385.00!! 

A reminder all Material and Service fees are due by 31 March 2020, unless a payment plan is in place.

If a payment plan is required please collect forms from the front office.  School Card Forms are also available and must be completed every year.

Woolworths Earn and Learn Update!

Our sporting goods have finally arrived! A big thank you to all the support from our Lockleys North community for making this happen. We look forward to using our brand new equipment throughout the year. 


Staffing Update 

Mirjana Grubor, our Deputy Principal has been seconded to undertake a role as a Project Officer with the Learning Improvement Division in the Department's Education Hub. Her appointment begins in week 5, Monday 24th February, for the next two terms. Mirjana is going to be a significant loss to the school as her leadership in a wide range of areas has had an important impact on our improvement approaches. Mirjana will be a massive benefit for the Learning Improvement Division as she will be able to share with other schools the exceptional work that has been occurring at LNPS.