Drama Club

On Saturday 3 November the Mount Alvernia Drama Club, Mt A Black Box Theatre Co, had a showcase evening for family and friends. This showcase saw the girls present a full production of the play Beauty is a Beast, on which they had been working for the last term and a half under the direction of our Drama Captain, Robyn Darley.


This production was completely student-driven and run and the end product was a testament to the dedication, motivation, and passion of each student involved. Robyn was instrumental in planning, re-writing, casting, and directing the entire process from start to finish, and should be congratulated for her innovation and leadership in the Arts this year. I look forward to what 2019 will bring for the Mt A Black Box Theatre group and Drama Club.

Elise Cohen - Drama Teacher


“Drama Club this semester has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, and learning how to step up when members couldn't commit. From working as an ensemble, to creating our own sets, we were able to produce an amazing production that exceeded everyone's expectations. It was fun and enjoyable and I loved every lunchtime rehearsal, making new friendships with many laughs and giggles.”

(Chelsea O’Bryan, Year 10)

“When Drama Club initially introduced the idea for the performance Beauty is a Beast, every member was excited to audition. I auditioned for multiple roles and was given the split role of the Fairy Godmother (along with my twin sister, Anna). This role included improvisation and focus, skills which Anna and I had gained from previously partaking in Theatresports. After around two terms' worth of almost daily practices with Robyn, our Drama Captain, directing, our cast was ready to perform. We were blessed to have a costume coordinator, lighting manager, and backstage crew (not to mention an amazing and dedicated cast). The day came and thankfully Theatresports and Drama Club had prepared me for this moment. On the night, just as I suspected, we had to improv for most of the play. My favourite highlight of the night was the first scene: when Anna and I introduced the play while fighting over a book and pushing each other onto the stage floor. This whole experience was magical and important for me, as drama is my passion. I highly recommend partaking in Drama Club for either your passion, to gain experiences, or to be creative”.

(Therese DeBellis, Year 10)