Positive Climate for Learning

Prep Learning Community

In Prep we have been learning to identify different emotions, the zones of regulation and different positive coping strategies. We know that throughout the day we might feel different ways including happy, excited, nervous, worried and that there a positive ways to cope with these feelings. 


This week we practiced a range of different positive coping strategies that we can use throughout the day that can help us feel happy and ready to learn. 


We practiced the strategies of reading a book, doing some yoga or doing some drawing or artwork. 


In Prep we were also wondering what others do when they are feeling a big emotion, what positive coping strategies other students and adults in the Armstrong Creek School Community?

Year 1 Learning Community

Our incredible Year 1 students have settled into Term Two exceedingly well and have been learning all about regulation tools and strategies to use in our ‘Calm Corner’. A ‘Calm ‘Corner’ is a designated space with the sole intent of being a safe place for a child to go to when they feel their emotions are running too high, and they need to regain their emotional control. 


During our Global Citizenship lessons, we have been working on how we physically feel with in each Zone of Regulation. Once the students started to understand what happens to their bodies in each zone, they then learnt about the different regulation tools and strategies that they could use to move back into the Green Zone. They know that if they are in the Yellow Zone and are feeling overwhelmed, mindful colouring or calming music would be a great tool. If they are feeling frustrated, then something to squish such as a stress ball could be beneficial. 


Our very bright, caring and considerate students even developed their own guidelines of when to use the ‘Calm Corner’ and how it should be used. Their first idea was that it should only be used for when you’re not in the Green Zone, it isn’t a place for playing. Such a mature and wise guideline! Another student shared that it shouldn’t be used for too long, just until you are ready to learn again. 


We are extremely fortunate to have students that so committed to understanding and regulating their emotions. 

Year 4 Learning Community

Healthy Heroes in our School Community


Earlier in the term, we were very lucky to have some special visitors from the Geelong Football Club. They were here to talk to our Year 3 and Year 4 students about being Healthy Heroes. They shared key health messages on healthy eating, physical activity, screen, sleep and wellbeing. The students were very excited to see not 1, not 2 but 4 players from the Geelong Football Club Men’s and Women’s teams. We had Maddy McMahon, Kate Darby, Flynn Kroeger and Tom Hawkins come to join us and share their messages. 



This is what some of our Year 4 students had to say about their key take away messages;

  • Mia - it was interesting that you should drink more than 7 glasses of water a day and should have less than 2 hours screen time.
  • Nash - there is 5 teaspoons of sugar in an energy drink. It doesn’t make me want to drink it!
  • Calvin - they like to play by kicking the football.
  • Frederick - I learnt that Geelong Cats are awesome players. They were nice to listen to and they were very entertaining.
  • Harrison - I learnt that there is an actual program in football called the Healthy Heroes. I enjoyed listening to them - it was fun!
  • Patrick - they were very tall.
  • Olivia - they turned the lesson into a game which was really fun!

You might like to have a go at this ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ as well so you can be a Healthy Hero too! 


It has been fantastic to see number of students increasing their Auslan vocabulary and being able to communicate at a basic level in Auslan as another language. A recent highlight for me was witnessing a group of students using Auslan to communicate through a window! It’s also great having more students wanting to participate in Auslan Extra to show the three school values of Commitment, Collaboration and Care.



So far in Prep students have had the opportunity to learn signs for colours, family, animals and the alphabets. Prep classes have demonstrated commitment to this challenge by recognising letters and colours without any difficultly. At the moment we are going through all the animals and it has been terrific to watch students expressing animals in Auslan.  


Year 1 and 2 

Students in Year 1 and 2 have been continuing learn about what is appropriate in Deaf culture along with developing their vocabulary. All classes have been committed to developing their understanding of Deaf culture. 


Year 3 and 4 

Students with their peers are developing skills in Auslan conversation. Students have participated in activities including practicing social courtesies such as turn taking and asking questions. Be sure you check out the next edition of Auslan Extra, you will see Year 3 students describing their pictures in the background. There is not one right way that students should do this and it’s great to see them carrying on and focused on learning to comprehend and produce Auslan signs and signing familiar items. We will continue developing student’s understanding of the importance of facial expressions and correct handshapes and location of signs. This aligns well with the ACS values of collaboration and care.


Year 5 and 6 

In Year 5 and 6, we have had classes broken up into small group to create videos describing all school related such subjects and equipment (e.g. Table, Chairs, ipads) in Auslan. Students have demonstrated commitment and collaboration by working together as a team. Be sure you check out their video close to the end of term.



Students have demonstrated commitment to their learning by describing sport such as how to score points, what does the field look like, how many players and translating these into Auslan by using correct handshapes, movement, facial expression and use of space.  Students have also been demonstrating care and collaboration by working together as a team, providing feedback and polishing up their Auslan skills. 



Andrew Welshe – Auslan Teacher