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Week 4 of home learning already, oh my goodness how quickly the term is flying by. It was great to see all of you online with your teacher and your classmates and I also spotted your pet in the background too. You should all feel really proud of your achievements in home learning, I know at times, it is challenging, frustrating and you might find it lonely compared to being in your classroom but remember SKiPPS kids are resilient kids and you can do this, in fact, you already have!  Being away from school and our friends can make you feel lots of different emotions including sad, overwhelmed, exhausted and lonely and it’s ok to feel this way.  I have included a few strategies to help you overcome these emotions.

As mentioned in assembly on Friday here is my list of 16 activities that count as learning:

16 Activities that Count as Learning


Cooking & Baking


Meal planning


Building with Lego


Budgeting-count your money and pretend shop with a supermarket catalogue
Checking the weather forecastDoing puzzlesImaginative playWriting letters, write to me, at school and  I’ll write back to you

Playing card games


Colouring, drawing, painting


Listening to podcasts or audio booksListening to music



Taking a walk


Playing board games and you can even build a tower

 with the cards

Create a chalk obstacle course- like I showed you at assembly last week