Important Notices

Face to face Meetings

It has been wonderful this week so see our students in Years F-4 getting online and meeting with their teachers live on Google Meet.


The opportunity for them to chat with their teachers and friends is such an important way for them to stay positive and connected and we thank all of our families for figuring out the (not always easy) steps to get them logged in and connected.


Please make sure that you check your Compass feed for your child's assigned meeting times and, if you have any questions, please email your child's class teacher.

Tree Removal

We are sad to announce that the huge elm tree that has stood next to the caretakers cottage for over a hundred years is having to be cut down this week.

Late last year it lost a large limb and, due to its age and the way this has structurally compromised the tree, three separate arborists (including one from the Council) have now recommended it be removed.


Whilst we are very sad to say goodbye to such a beautiful tree (almost as old as the school itself), the risk of it losing further limbs or even falling onto such a busy area are too high (and horrible to think about).


Once school returns to normal we will work with the students to plant a replacement tree and we will salvage timber from the elm to use for projects so it can keep on being an important part of our school

School Assemblies

Thank you to those parents who have provided feedback on our first two remote 'video assemblies' posted on the last two Friday mornings.


It has been great to see the students engage and get to hear some of the amazing things that are still going on at school.

This Friday we have two of our Year 6 Leaders lined up and will also be sharing a couple of very special musical performances - filmed at home and then included in the assembly video.


If your child has been practising an instrument during lockdown and would like to share a performance without the pressure of a few hundred students and parents watching then now could be their chance!


Please email me any performance videos and we will include these in this Friday's assembly.

Maths Talent Quest

We are encouraging all students to get involved in the annual Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) 2020 Maths Talent Quest

The Maths Talent Quest is a great way to support student’s numeracy development as they engage in mathematical investigations whilst learning online. In the current situation, we would strongly encourage our students to get involved in the quest as it provides a rich, open-ended investigative project around an area of individual interest. This could work as a perfect extension to the Maths activities provided by your child’s teacher and get them away from their screen.


The MAV Maths Talent Quest involves investigating a mathematical situation or problem and reporting on your findings. The topic for investigation is entirely up to you and there is choice around how you can present your work.


The competition requires a strong commitment from the students entering and their parents. It involves working on the project for at least 20 hours over the remainder of Term 2 and beginning of Term 3 at home.


Information about the talent Quest can be found here 


Work on the project can continue throughout this term and must be brought into school by Friday 31st July.


Please watch out for a notice from Lil on Compass this week with further information about how to enter and closing dates.

2021 Enrolments

Believe it or not but we are already starting to think about 2021. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions we have cancelled our first couple of parent tours, but will be going ahead with the following tour dates (either in person or remotely)


Michelle and I will welcome visitors to our School and give an overview of our curriculum, values and ethos. We will also be available to answer specific questions about transition from Kindergarten to Foundation, and what’s on offer in terms of our programs and facilities.


A walking tour of Foundation facilities and other learning areas, including our specialist subjects (The Arts – Visual and Performing, Italian and Library) will follow.  Please contact Kat on 8598 6444 or on if you wish to book for any future dates.


For any families already familiar with the school and a child starting school in 2021, we encourage you to complete and submit your enrolment forms as soon as possible to allow us to start understanding likely Foundation numbers next year.


This form can be downloaded from; and emailed or dropped off to the school office.

Year 7 Transition paperwork

This is a reminder to our Year 6 parents that the 'Application for Year 7 placement' form must be completed and returned to the school by the 29th May.


These can be emailed to