Learning and Teaching News

Ms Jennifer Smeed, Mr Adam Knight and Mrs Tara Franklin

Awards Night – Congratulations

A huge congratulations to all our award recipients at the Awards Night. The large number of award recipients is testament to the efforts of students and families in their studies.


Well done everyone!

ICAS Success

Congratulations to the following boys who participated in the ICAS assessments last term, and achieved the following results:

  • Distinction: Cade Kelly
  • Credit: Hugh Ambrose, Tyson Cooper, Isaac Farrelly, Alessander Javier, William Lambley, Leo McKenna, Jack Purcell, Matthew Stower, Baxter Thompson
  • Merit: Aiden Lau, Daniel Thirgood, Fletcher Wessling
  • Participation: James Dee, Lucas Dempsey, Oliver Eaton, Adrian Garbellini, Oliver Hayes, Lachlan Pawsey, Isaac Ting.

Cade Kelly’s result placed him in the top 8% of students who sat this test nationwide. Well done, Cade!

Year 10 and 11 Subject Changes

Subject changes are now open for Year 10 and 11 students.


For Year 11 students, this is the last opportunity to change subjects across Senior school. No subject changes can occur across Unit 3 and 4 of study.


For Year 10 students, any subject changes for Term 4 should align with the subjects chosen for study in Year 11 and 12 as per the SET Plan.


To change subjects, Year 10 and 11 students are to see Mrs Franklin or Ms Smeed via the Studies Office before school, at break time or after school. Subject changes must be completed by this Friday 14th October (end of this week).

Year 12 External Assessment and Masterclasses

The Year 12 External Exam Block will run from Monday 24th October to Tuesday 15th November. The schedule of exams was released by QCAA earlier this year and can be found on the parent portal. An updated schedule with the location of the exams and the start times will be published to students next week. Please also check the portal for the equipment required for each exam. 


In order to prepare students sitting External Exams, the College developed a Masterclass timetable that allows targeted revision in a class of each student’s choosing. 


The Masterclass timetable provides students with two sessions per day, one starting at 8:50am (Period 1) and the other at 12:20pm (Period 4). Students are only required to attend these classes (not Pastoral Group) and can leave once their sessions have finished. For students who complete less than six general subjects, this will mean they may leave the campus after the morning session or not arrive on campus until the afternoon session. 


For all Masterclasses, students will need to be dressed in full school uniform and ensure they have all required equipment for their subjects (e.g. calculators).


For boys who are not enrolled in any General classes and therefore, will not be required at General subject Masterclasses, the College is running VOC classes this week until Week 3 of this term. These classes are designed around the concept of life skills required after school. While these classes are designed for students not completing General subject Masterclasses, if your son has a break in his Masterclass schedule he is welcome to attend. Further information can be found on the Learning Portal (Moodle) on the Year 12 ASH page and the Vocational Education page. 

Study Hall – All Year Levels 

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning the teacher librarians in the senior library offer study hall sessions for Year 7-10 from 7:45 am to 8:30 am where we look at specific study skills and assessment relevant to the year levels. This term, the Year 9 and 10 students are invited on Tuesday mornings, and Year 7 and 8 students are invited on Thursday mornings. These are designed to build the student’s capacity to study independently by teaching them key skills for the first 15mins of the sessions and then offering independent supported study for the remainder of the time. 


If a student cannot make either session and still wishes to attend, they are to contact infoservices@marash.qld.edu.au or a teacher librarian directly to arrange a suitable time to meet.


Tuesday  7:45 am to 8:30 am

Yrs 9 & 10

Thursday  7:45 am to 8:30 am

Yrs 7 & 8





Interleaving & Spaced Repetition and Assessment

Interleaving & Spaced Repetition and Assessment


Referencing & assessment

Referencing & assessment


Note-taking- assessment (palm cards/exams, Cornell note taking/assignments)

Note-taking- assessment (palm cards/exams, Cornell note taking/assignments)


Exam Preparation- timing your study & avoiding stress

Exam Preparation- timing your study & avoiding stress


Exam Block

Exam Block

Accessing LMS for Task-Specific Feedback 

At the completion of each drafting stage and final completion of the assessment (both written and exam), your son will receive task-specific feedback from his teachers. It is important that your son/s access this feedback, so they are aware of their strengths and limitations. Parents are also encouraged to access this information.


Please follow these steps to access task-specific feedback.


1 - Open Parent Portal and click on “Parent Lounge”


2 - On the left-hand tab select “Curricular Activities Due” and select “view all activities” on the top right-hand side of the page. 


This will take you to a screen that lists of your son/s assessment to complete, or has been completed.


3 - Click on a subject to view feedback. 


4 - Once you click on the subject you will be able to find the following information:

  1. Task sheet for assessment – this will outline what your son needs to do to complete the task successfully
  2. Draft due dates and due dates
  3. Criteria sheet
  4. Feedback
  5. Result


How to access Academic Reports – Parent Lounge

Please follow these steps to access academic reports


1 - Open Parent Portal and click on “Parent Lounge”


2 - Academic Reports are accessible via the link on the left-hand side of the page, or at the bottom of the main screen. Click on the academic report you would like to see.