Secondary News

Year 7 Grampians Camp

Last week, 94 enthusiastic students jumped onto two buses and headed south to Halls Gap for the start of their Adventure Camp with Mr Morgan, Mr Johnson, Mr Cormick, Ms Crawford, Ms Collihole, Mr Watson, Mel Perry, Mark Luitjes, Ms Leavold and Selina Paterson. The Adventure camp is about getting students out of their comfort zone and being prepared to attempt and learn new things with support and encouragement from their peers, in the hope that new friendships will be developed.

Over the next 3 days, the students all participated in six challenging activities: High Ropes course, Abseiling, Rocking Climbing, walking the Pinnacle track, Team Building Challenges and visiting the Halls Gap Zoo. Many of the students would have felt out of their comfort zone for all or most of the activities, particularly the activities where they were 10 or metres off the ground.

The students should be very proud with the way they behaved and the manner they conducted themselves whilst on camp. They were fantastic ambassadors for the school and it was a pleasure to work and have fun with them over the 4 days.

Rob Morgan


Spider Control

This Saturday, March 21st pest controllers will be attending the school from 8 a.m. to undertake spider control spraying.  Please be aware that there will be no staff, students or community members permitted on the school site on Saturday.

Asthma Puffers and Spacers

E. Smith

Could all students who need an asthma puffer and spacer please make sure they have one at school. We have noticed that students often do not have their puffers.  With the constant change in weather they are requiring them more often especially when participating in PE. 

Mathematics News

Duane Ebbels - Mathematics Coordinator

Many mathematics teachers have relayed concerns to me that some students do not have a calculator.  A calculator is required for all students from Year 7-10.  Students will not be able to complete all the necessary coursework without one.  Calculators are available at the school main office for $20.

Doctors in Secondary Schools Program

The program is available for all secondary students to access free (bulk-billed) confidential health care at school. This is a fantastic service which students can access for any of their health care needs including asthma/anaphylaxis plans, immunisations, mental health care and any other medical concerns no matter how big or small.

The rooms will be open every Wednesday during the school term from 9am–1pm. Students can make appointments by contacting Yvonne in the general office or they can ask a teacher or wellbeing staff member to make the appointment for them – the only details required to make an appointment will be the student’s name and date of birth.

Parents are welcome to attend appointments with students if the student wishes.


School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB)