Primary News

Outside School Hours Care

Just a reminder that OSHC finishes early at 5pm on the last day of term.

Year 3/4 Camp

The Year 3/4 Camp to Adelaide is planned for Wednesday 26th - Wednesday 28th August. Notes will be sent home with students today. We are requesting that expressions of interest along with a $50 deposit are returned by the end of Week 1 next term,  Friday 17th April.

Stomp Dance 2020

All students from Prep to Grade 6 have been participating in Stomp Dance this week in their PE lessons. 

Unfortunately, due to current restrictions around public gatherings of people, we have had to cancel the end of week concert that was to be held on Friday night.

Spider Control

This Saturday, March 21st pest controllers will be attending the school from 8 a.m. to undertake spider control spraying.  Please be aware that there will be no staff, students or community members permitted on the school site on Saturday.

Art Donations Required

J. Atkinson

Old Canvases required for Year P-6 Art.

If you have any old canvas or pictures on canvas that you don't want anymore , the Year P-6 Art Department would love them. If you can please leave the donations in the Green Building office.  Thank you in advance.

Weekly P-3 Assembly

The  Friday Assemblies will be held at 2.45pm.  Weekly Class Awards will be distributed at this assembly which will be held in the Jungle end of the Green Building. Unfortunately, due to the current rules around public gatherings, parents are unable to attend the weekly assemblies at this time.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Before School

Families please be aware that students who arrive at school before 8.40am can go to the Breakfast Club, held in the Canteen. Alternatively, they may sit on the seats at the back of the Green Building or stand with their parents near the door until 8.40am.  Students are not to play out the front of the Green Building until 8.40am when the front playground is supervised and the doors of the Green Building are opened.

Naming Articles

Please remember it is very important to name all your children’s property clearly, especially hats and jumpers, bags, drink bottles and lunch containers.

Severe Food Allergies

There are students at the school with severe food allergies.  Please remind your child that their food is not to be shared.

Drum Lessons in 2020

Luke McCarthy is asking for Expressions of Interest for Drum Lessons in 2020.  He is contactable for further information on  0417 897 906 or

School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB) Posters

The expected behaviours for Year P-3 students.


The expected behaviours for Year 4-6 students.


Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

 Cheryll Hodge is our school’s OSHC coordinator and can be contacted on 0428 258035 if you have any queries.


Library News

Please ensure your child returns their books each week in a waterproof Library Bag .

Year 4-6 students have library on Tuesdays.

Year P-1 students have library on Mondays.

Year 2-3 students have library on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Blue Book Library Bags

Reminder that all students will need a suitable waterproof bag to put their library and reading books in to take home.  Blue book/library bags are for sale at the school uniform shop.  Students are to return their diaries, books and bags every day after reading their book at home.

Merbein Community Bank School Student Banking Program

If you wish your child to participate in this program, please send your child’s bankbook along to the Green Building Office every Thursday morning. The Bank will collect and process your child’s banking and then drop the bank book back to school before the end of the school day.


No Hat No Play

During Term 1, all primary students are required to wear a hat out in the yard at recess and lunch times.  The school policy is 'No Hat No Play'.  If you need to purchase a hat for your child you can do so at the school's main office.