Acting Principal

Mr Chris Grimmer

Asbestos Removal

As a part of the Victorian Government’s goal of making all government schools safe environments for students, staff and the wider community, we will have workers on the school site from the first day of the term 1 holidays, Saturday March 28th, to remove some of the remaining asbestos sheeting in the main school building, portables and activity centre. Asbestos is considered safe unless damaged or disturbed, however the removal of the sheets means that there is no potential risk, which is the optimal result for the school. There will be no staff, students or community members permitted on the school site during the removal process, which may take up to a week to complete.

Spider Control 

This Saturday, March 21st pest controllers will be attending the school from 8 a.m. to undertake spider control spraying.  Please be aware that there will be no staff, students or community members permitted on the school site on Saturday.

Please update your email address

To ensure all families are kept up to date and informed about what’s happening at the College it is extremely important that we have a record of your current email address on file. Positive letters regarding students will be placed on Compass and notifications sent to families via email and text message as soon as the letter is completed. This means that families will be notified in a much more timely way, rather than waiting for hard copies of the letter to be sent via the post. For this to happen however, we need to have current email addresses listed on our system. If you have changed your email address recently please contact our office to update our records.