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QGSSSA Artistic Gymnastics Championships 

The QGSSSA Artistic Gymnastics Championships have concluded with an incredible display of talent and sportsmanship by our gymnasts. Congratulations goes to all our gymnasts, highlighted by impressive victories in the Open Division, A Grade Division and C Grade Division competitions. It was truly a spectacle to witness, and we are proud of all the participants for their hard work and dedication. 


Open Grade 

  1. Clayfield College (115.300)

Isabella McDonnell-Baum, Grace Webb, Lindsay Webb, Iara Chaves and Matilda Woodhead. 


      2. Moreton Bay College (114.450)

      3. St Margaret’s (113.350)


Amongst the outstanding team results for our Open gymnasts, were some exceptional individual performances where apparatus titles were decided. 


The vault was an extremely close competition with Isabella McDonnell-Baum executing one of three of the highest scores of 9.750. Isabella also achieved one of two of the highest scores on the floor with 9.850 and rounded out the championships with the highest score on the beam – 9.675. Grace Webb narrowly missed clinching the win in the uneven bars achieving a score of 9.950. 


A Grade

  1. Clayfield College (113.450)

Imogen Davies, Beatrice Gilbert and Eliana Cullen.


        2. St Margaret’s (112.900)

        3. St Hilda’s (111.250)


With only 3 gymnasts competing the pressure was on our A-Grade Gymnasts and they rose to the challenge. Beatrice Gilbert added uneven bars champion to the team title, alongside Imogen Davies achieving the highest score on the beam – 9.800 and floor – 9.600. Eliana Cullen joined Imogen also achieving the highest score on the floor – 9.600. All of the girls performed dynamic routines with off-the-scale energy, executing amazing performances and were rewarded by winning the A-Grade pennant. 


C Grade 

  1. Clayfield College (113.700)

Mimi McGuire, Caitlin Pett, Kiki Bell, Phoebe Lockyer and Roxy Bohn.


       2. Brisbane Girls Grammar School (109.400)

       3. Moreton Bay College (107.450)


Our C Grade Division gymnasts performed exceptionally across all 4 apparatus, resulting in the team winning the competition pennant. Phoebe Lockyer led the way clinching the highest score on the vault, uneven bars and beam. Roxy Bohn earned the highest score on the floor with a 9.475.