From The Principal

College Principal | Terry Blizzard

This week saw the start of VCE exams at St Mary's College. Examinations can bring about stress to some students, whilst others thrive with the challenge. Tackling exams is no different to how one would approach anything they are about to undertake. It all comes down to preparation. Those who prepare well can go into an exam and be confident that they have done all that they can to take on the challenge. Those who haven't prepared well, will go into the exam knowing that the challenge won't be easy. The good news is that the exam and its result is not what defines each student as a person. What does define each student more than any exam, is the type of person they go on to become after the exam is long finished.

Whilst we spend a lot of time at school preparing students for those exams, we spend equally as much time preparing students for the person they will become once they leave St Mary's College. 

Our core values are the foundation of the type of students/people we want to produce as a school. 

  • Treating others with respect.
  • Acting justly.
  • Showing compassion and empathy.
  • Being inclusive.
  • Having courage.

If they succeed in all of these,  then they can hold their heads up high and say I am a truly successful person.

Primary School Visits

As we wave goodbye to our Year 12’s we welcome into our school our new year sevens for 2023 as their Fun Club commences. There is a certain ebb and flow in schools that have a sense of regeneration. My thanks to all of our staff who have given their time to this important orientation activity. Thank you also to the staff who have so warmly welcomed groups of Grade Four students who have come to experience secondary school for a day. Maybe in years to come we will be writing of their farewell as Year 12 graduates too. 



Terry Blizzard

College Principal