What are the students doing? 

Que font les élèves?

There is a lot happening in the 5/6 team!

Beaucoup d'action chez les CM2 et 6ème !


On Monday, we had the amazing opportunity to meet with Coby again! He is a professional digital technology consultant. He taught the entire 5/6 cohort about two fun 3D coding websites, Tinkercad & CoSpaces. We learnt how to do coding and how to do other interesting features like make a questionnaire or a fact page that intrigued everyone. These websites let us do anything we could think of! We learnt a lot about coding and I am sure that people have used these creative sites at home after school.


During the STEM Club at lunch, we also helped Miss Spencer and Coby set up our brand new 3D printers. We can’t wait to use them more. 

  • Rushil, STEM Leader, 5/6B



Pendant la session d’I.T nous avons appris comment coder. On a utilisé des sites sur internet et Coby nous a montré les outils de base. Les élèves de 5/6 ont beaucoup aimé cette séance. Ils attendent la prochaine session avec impatience!

  • Tim et Tom 5D

La chasse à la symétrie in 6E and 6F !

Afin de découvrir la symétrie et ses propriétés, nous sommes allés à la chasse aux objets symétriques dans la cour . Ensuite, nous nous sommes creusé la tête pour chercher toutes les lettres de l’alphabet qui sont symétriques, puis des mots symétriques. 

Nous avons plus tard  utilisé le fait que une figure symétrique possède deux côtés qui se superposent pour en créer par découpage . 6E/6F


5/6s are doing poetry

Mistreated Mondays

Back to school their mums say, their faces frown in dismay. 

The cycle begins again, awaken, work, sleep.

It isn’t that deep.

The other week I don't understand how weak my self-esteem is deemed.

 When I hear their unpleasant screams.

The world is so cruel with their mean, hateful messages.

The weekend is over, I feel a sense of exposure.

I hate today, I hear from the corner of my ear.

Tears swell up in my eyes and they fall down from the sky.

Kids' laughter drains away, as my pain is shown.

Many figures are shown with their hands planted on their phones.

Their smiles wiped away, as they curse my name.

I feel a sense of ashame.

A dark figure emerges from the shadows.

Her smile is as bright as the sun, and she looks stunned.

Her voice deepens in guilt.

As conflict arises, her eyes glare with despise.

She speaks truth, and only that.

She politely says “I love today.”

  • By Hadassah Ralogaivau


A new place just for me as I had been carried in to see,

Pink walls, pictures and patterns

A fluffy white carpet and toys in a basket

The soft carpet sat below my feet 

The place I had been awarded was cosy and chic 

I looked around but I wasn't alone, a changing table stood tall and fair 

He looked very frightening so I looked at the chair 

A tiny loud nuisance entered the room 

It rested in me for over an hour until soon

My sheets were tragically devoured 

In something that made me quiver and cower 

Never again may I touch that waste 

There is nothing and  no one that can erase that taste 

Three passing months and my fear has revived

Wait… hold on…

Never mind.

  • By Sheva Kisilevich

What am I?

My parents, Oxygen and Sulfur

One day created me

I’m sitting in the earth's crust

My best friend is a tree.


I was extracted from the earth

And I wanted to flee

It is so fun now!

I say “Weeee”


We were taken to a factory

Tree was ripped apart!

What am I to do now?

I hear them say “Press start!”


I was tossed, I was turned

I was spinning round and round

I don't know what to do!

Me and tree, we became bound.


I was put into packaging

With others who looked like me

Now we are in a shop

Now what will happen, what will be?


I was bought by a human

Opened by some scissors

A Human picked me up

And wrote about some fizzers


I am very short now

I have become very thin

What happens next?

I am thrown into a bin

  • Jesse Kabbani    


I only sometimes see the sun shine bright

And mostly see the thunder very late at night 

I’m delicate, soft and extremely fluffy 

I don't like the rain flooding through me

I only get a break when it's sunny and warm

Some people despise my hard work especially when I storm

I’m very slow, I move with the wind 

Once in a while a small sneaky bird skims my fluffy skin

I come to an end when the sun sets

  • Zara Hamza

Diwali activities

A letter to the United Nations, from Leonardo 56A

Dear United Nations,     


My name is Leon, I am a year 5 student from Caulfield Junior College. Before I start I would like to thank you for what you are doing and I hope you succeed in what you are doing. I have chosen target number 15.2 which is to end deforestation and restore degraded forests. This target can be  found in life on land. I define deforestation as losing forest, plants and nature. Today I will be trying to find you a solution for this problem. I am an animal lover, especially monkeys and it's sad to see forests and habitats getting destroyed by our society. I think we should make a change and take action. Firstly, did you know only 18% of the world's forests are protected from deforestation and over 420 million hectares of forest have been lost since 1990. Just in 2020 25.8 million hectares of forest was lost which is double the amount in 2001. Every second a forest the size of a football field is cut down. You see what I mean? These statistics are shocking, right? We need to do something about this now!


Now for my points on how to attempt to stop deforestation. My first solution is to raise awareness and help smaller businesses who are trying to terminate and cease deforestation once and for all. Some smaller businesses are trying to get the attention of people but no one is listening. We need to spread the word with everyone. I think we should start a fundraiser to get the attention of many people so they can contribute to saving our forests. The businesses are trying to show humankind that if we don't take action now mother nature will get destroyed. Did you know that scientists have estimated at the current rate in 77 years all rainforests will be gone? 


My second solution is to get the attention of other people and gather to plant more trees. To get the attention of people we need to spread the information with world leaders and start a campaign to save our forests. By planting trees in spots that have been destroyed or degraded, replanting helps the environment and ecosystem by guaranteeing, or accelerating the reconstruction of healthy forest structure by regrowing the forest canopy and preserving biodiversity within the ecosystem.    


My third solution is to reduce the usage of paper. Did you know that two million trees are cut down every day just to supply the paper demand of the United States? And globally, 40% of all timber is used to make paper products, and the need for paper increases by two to three percent every year. This means that the paper industry is still consuming more and more trees every day. More than 30 percent of wood used by paper mills in Indonesia, one of the major paper producers in the world, comes from illegal sources. By printing out every email and wasting paper you are destroying the forest unknowingly. Reduce your paper usage when you can. This way you will decrease your contribution to the wrecking of forests. 


In conclusion I believe we need to do something about deforestation a lot quicker because at our current rate in a few years time our forests will be destroyed and our beautiful innocent animals will go extinct. I hope this letter will change your mind and focus to help save our planet.


Thank you for reading

By Leonardo 56A


Perspective writing is writing from the perspective of an object.  Fine examples coming from the 5/6 classes.

Miss K’s Desk!

By Jasmine 56A

Awwwww my eyes hurt, I can't see, whyyyy!

The story starts with a messy desk. Of course the desk does not choose to be messy. It just starts with one little piece of paper and then another and then another until POOF… there it is my worst nightmare, THE DESK! Every day my eyes hurt just walking into the classroom, it just gets worse and worse. Every. Single. Day. All the time I ask may I please just straighten it up a bit for you and I do but the next day OMG there it is again MESSY. It has coffee, coffee spills, green cups, a big computer, lots of stationery all over the place.


A Day In A Life Of A Diamond Necklace

By Ava 56A


! What a wonderful day! Hey? Do I look pretty? Am I clean enough? Ahh! There’s dust on me! I have to dust this off. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Phew! That was close! Oh, that human is waking up. Urrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh. I hope that clumsy person doesn’t drop me in water, slumps me with cockroaches, plops me in the wet garden, scrapes my beautiful diamonds on me, forgets me in the market or the beach or the park and worst of all, gets me dirty and filthy!!


Hey! Let me go, you.. You….. What was it called again? A hen? Nah, a hat? Ermmm.. Oh wait, I remember.. It’s a hand. Oh nooo! I’m slipping! I’m- AAAAHHHHHHH! Phew, that human caught me just in time. I hope she won’t ever drop me again. I remember a year ago, I used to be in a lovely shop with my parents, my cousins, my aunts and uncles and friends. They were all Rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces like me. Then I got grabbed by this person and now I'm stuck!! This is gonna make me cry. 


Where is that human taking me to? Oh, it’s just the bathroom. Now where was I? Oh yes- WAIT the bathroom?? Oh no, oh no. I had really bad memories being here. Wait, she’s going to the sink! Don’t tell me you’re gonna try and wash me and then I will slip and fall and then land in the awful drain!! phew, she’s just washing her hands. Oh, she is going outside. Out..out for a walk.. Hopefully I will be able to hang here much longer so I don't fall. Hm.. I'm starting to get second thoughts now. This isn't so bad afterall. I look fabulous in the bright, shining sun. I feel like I'm in a fashion show with the colourful lights pointing at me. Huh, looks like all the other jewellery are jealous of me! Perhaps I was wrong with this human, this is actually quite fun. 

Aaaaahh! Now I can finally relax. Huh? Why do I feel like I'm going down? Oh no, oh no! I’m slipping! Noooo! Not in the mud! HEEEELP!! Now I'm in this gooey brown puddle! Eww! This is so revolting! I feel like I'm about to throw up! Noooo! Don’t leave me here! Now that human didn’t even notice me. Why did it have to be this day! Hang on, there is another person coming. No! Don’t cut me to pieces with your scissors! Huh, she’s picking me up and washing me. Please don’t drop me in the drain! Phew! That person is very careful, not like my past owner that I had. Looks like I have a new owner and I'm starting a new life! Now I can finally have some peace from now on. Her house looks so neat and so tidy! This is definitely the bestest day ever! 



The last penalty

By: Charlie 56A


There I was getting placed on the ground. It felt like I was falling off a humongous skyscraper, the crowd all in suspense at the last minute of extra time. There it came, the machine swinging his foot back with force and power. I could feel the sweat pouring down from my face. It felt like buckets of sweat were just being poured on to me. When I was about to lift off the ground the crowd gasped as I was flying through the air. The goalie looked at me as if  he was sure this was not going to go in. It bounced off the goalkeeper's hand into the crossbar. The crowd gasped again after I was slowly slowly rolling across the line. I was leaning to the net. I was thinking to myself just a bit more just a bit more and then… I crossed the line it was the best feeling of my life. The crowd was jumping and screaming. I had just won the game! After the game I went to the rooms and all my family and friends were there. As I held up the cup everyone was cheering and I had a wide smile from one ear to the other as we all celebrated the moment. I am the most important here… I am the ball!


My Job On The Ceiling

By Jordana 56A


It's the last day of winter. NO! I have had such a relaxed winter on the ceiling. I haven't been turned on in ages. I mean my job is to make the room cold. You know what? Summer or no summer, this fan ain’t turning on, no way. Ahn Uhn! No one can push me to do anything. Oh no! Gasp! Someone's walking in. They’ve picked up the dreaded remote, it grins at me, a wicked grin, as I glare. No no no! They’ve pressed the button on the remote. It’s the on button! I try to resist the pushing I feel on my head, but it wins me over. I start to spin at an insane pace.


The thick layers of dust that have settled on my wings have showered the floor. I’m starting to feel dizzy. Through my confusion, I could see the remote snickering. What felt like a day later, I stopped spinning.

“How's it feel hanging from the ceiling?” said an evil voice.

“Meanwhile, I’m comfy in my little pocket on the wall.”  

Of course. It’s the ghastly remote. The remote keeps droning on and on as the room fills with people who all sit at the table underneath me. I try to ignore the remote by seeing who I would land on if I fell from the ceiling. After some hours, the sky out the window grew dark, and I set a determined look on my face. I will not turn on! As the people start to leave the room, I notice one of them pick up the remote. Oh no!


I’m starting to spin again.


This time, I know I’m on for hours. The clock's smile turns into a side smile, a wider side smile, a frown, and then another side smile, as the hours tick on.

I’m aching all over. I need a break!


What happened? Is someone in trouble?

“Ahh! That tickles!”

“Oh,” I frown.

It’s just the remote, but hey! I’m slowing down, I’m stopping! Yes, and everyones leaves the room. I heard a car door slam, and then silence. Everyone has left, I wouldn’t be turned on for the rest of the night! I shrieked with joy. Not even the remotes insulting comments can bring me down!

I love my job on the ceiling!


The Lonely Clock

By Rachel Arieli


One extremely boring day came and went for the lonely clock. The clock’s name was useless, well at least that was what the watches called him. He was the last clock on the shelf. No one noticed him, and he was invisible to everyone but the watches, which were on the shelf opposite him. Every day and night the watches would tell the clock that he would stay on the shelf forever. “No one uses clocks anymore,” said the watches; and that’s what the clock believed.


 Then one day an old lady walks into the shop and asks an employee something. Of course, the clock didn’t think anything of this. But then the old lady started walking towards him. The clock’s heart started racing until he remembered he didn’t have one. Jokes aside, the clock was trying not to get his hopes up. But then the old lady reached her hand out and picked up the clock. It was finally time. The old lady carefully placed the clock inside her car and drove home.


She placed the excited clock on the wall and walked away. At first, the clock was really happy to tell the time for the old lady. She would look at the clock every day but she would only glance at the clock for a few seconds. Of course, the clock thought it was so important until one day the old lady stopped looking at the clock, and then the clock realised that its hands had stopped. The clock was horrified. This had never happened to the clock before. The clock was now useless.


The old lady was too tired to change the batteries. As more days passed the clock saw less and less of the old lady, until one day the clock didn’t see the lady once, then more days passed and the clock still didn’t see the lady. 

Then one lonely afternoon these two men started taking things out of the house until there was nothing left but the clock. The two men took the clock off the wall and carefully placed it in a huge van and drove away. Then suddenly the van stopped. The doors swung open and the two men started taking things out of the van and into a dark room. The room was freezing cold. The clock didn’t like it. The clock wanted to go back to the store. The clock didn’t care if the watches made fun of him. The clock didn’t want to be all alone in this dark and cold room. 




Perspective Writing

By Yonatan 56A


Everyone was waiting. They had been there for months, losing hope every day. They thought they would never be taken or read. All that they were doing was collecting dust and taking up space “I can’t live like this anymore!” said Fire and ice. “We will soon be thrown out! Does no one like cat books anymore?” he added. “Calm down. We will soon be picked up,” answered Into the wild, the leader, the first and the oldest. “We get looked at around once a week. We’ll have someone read us soon. And plus, we are getting more popular now. So soon we will be bought-” he was cut off by a kid's hand. He looked 13 and was taking the set. He flicked through the pages and mumbled something in the human language. In the next 20 seconds, they were out the door. They have been taken…


They have not been outside unless they were in a box. It was beautiful. The nice cool breeze and the delicious scent of freshly baked goods made everything feel so calming. They soon went into a sort of loud metal thing and were at their new home in minutes. It was very cosy there. It smelt like muffins and berrys and it looked like a mansion to them “Wow” said Rising storm. “It’s amazing!” It was amazing. They soon went to the room of the kid and was put on the desk, then they looked at the room. “Uh oh,” said Into the wild. “I told you I would be back.” said the scissors with a smirk…

They were running like crazy, not daring to look back at the glinting metal. Then it was the end. It was the end of the shelf. But they could survive the fall no problem. It wasn’t the fall, it was what they would land on. A bin that would get them thrown out. “Okay,” said Into the wild. “We jump to the shelf.” Everyone agreed. So they jumped, landing just on the shelf. The scissors, on the other hand, were falling into the bin, cursing at them. “We’re safe.” said The forest of secrets. From then on, they never heard from scissors again, though they knew he would be back…




By Taylor 56A


Oh no, oh no.   They’re coming.

No, don't come here please.

They’re pointing at me. No don’t pick me, there is Sam or Nicole why, no.

They're packing me up in a cardboard box.

Where am I going, am I going to a home, a school?


AHHHHH this is hurting, I am rocking side to side back and forth.

I think I am broken.

I think one of my cords snapped.

I’m going to die.

We stopped.

Where am I?

I don't know if I feel sick or not.

I see sunlight, are they opening me ?

 I can breathe now.

 There was way less oxygen in the box.

 They're lifting me up now.

I’m out.

Wow, this is such a nice place.


The girl that bought me, she is here again.

She is looking at me in shock.

What's happened 

No this can’t be happening  

She is putting me back in the box. 

After a 12 hour ride here, who knows where I am going next.


Uhh I am here again,why?

I am going into this room, days and days past by, finally my cord was fixed:

I thought I didn't need fixing.


It's so dark in here I think I fell asleep

I'm here again NO

Except for I am already played in

There are people looking at me really weirdly.

There are little children scattered around the room.

There looking at me,

They look so happy 

It looks like a classroom.


The person that bought me, must be a teacher.

Cool, I've always wanted to be in a classroom.

It’s so noisy though,

I don't like it,

I have a headache now.

Ring Ring Ring 

Is that the end of the school day,

I think it is,


UHHH it’s so quiet now,

I can have a rest now,


This is the best relaxation ever.  

What's happening in the specialist classes ?

Students from 3D

Yesterday was Mr Chant’s birthday, and the kids in 3D made him this glorious, giant-sized birthday card. Mme Wilson may or may not have convinced her students that Mr Chant was celebrating his 37th birthday 😝


C’est l’anniversaire de Monsieur Chant aujourd’hui, les élèves de 3D lui ont fait une magnifique carte de souhaits géante.  Mme Wilson a tenté de les convaincre dit qu’il célébrait ses 37 ans… Les élèves n’y ont peut-être pas cru ! 😝