From The Assistant Principal


Dear Parents/Carers,


Staying connected during the COVID-19 pandemic has never been more important, with many of us physically isolated from family members, friends and our support networks.

During this time of remote and flexible learning, children are likely to be interacting more online for learning, playing and socialising. Setting expectations about online behaviour is even greater than usual, regardless of their comfort level or proficiency with technology.  We understand that it is not possible to be at your child’s side every second of the day, so it’s important to talk with them about online safety issues to help develop their critical thinking and ability to make good choices. You may feel they know more about the latest technology than you do, but you have more life experience to guide them.  

For more information and tips on how to stay safe online, please visit the eSafety commissioner website 


Last week our teachers began to use WebEx meetings to video conference with students.  These meetings were a new method of student/teacher communication as part of our planned approach to remote and flexible teaching and learning. Over the last couple of weeks our teachers and learning mentors have been developing their own knowledge of this platform prior to rolling it out with students and families.  So far the feedback from both teachers and students has been very positive, with teachers and students enjoying the opportunity to connect with each other and provide feedback and support students with their learning. 

Thank you to those parents who attended the online session ‘Surging Ahead Academically in Trying Times’ presented by Andrew Fuller last night.  Andrew is a       well-known clinical psychologist, who works with schools and communities on resilience, neuroscience and learning, both in Australia and internationally. It was great to hear Andrew share with us his research, information and strategies that will support our students to transition back to school and be successful in learning and life.


The Building Blocks for Success


Emotional Regulation – this is an important skill for both adults and children.  It is the ability to calm and soothe yourself when faced with challenges and our children rely on adults to model this to them, by ‘showing’ not ‘telling’.


Motivation – this refers to keeping yourself motivated when things are difficult which helps to promote learning and well-being.  About 80% of the neuro-chemicals in our brains are created in our stomachs. This means that happiness, passion, motivation and vitality are related to what we eat.


Academic Self-efficacy – is the belief in yourself that you can do well.  Helping children to believe in themselves and developing a positive growth mindset where they can improve over time and overcome setbacks are powerful ways that parents can help set their children up for success.

Please visit for more great information about resilience, brains and learning.


Finally, we really appreciate the commitment you have made to support your child with their learning at home throughout Term Two.   Next week we are excited to welcome back our Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 students to onsite schooling. Please ensure you have read the ‘Parent Guide for Transition Back to Onsite Schooling’ posted on Compass on Tuesday for the latest information.


Take care and stay positive,

Kind regards,


Tiffany Bamford

Assistant Principal