eLearning Day 2017

eLearning Day

On Friday 28th July, all students at Galilee participated in the first ever eLearning Day. The purpose of eLearning Day was to incorporate ICT and technology use into our everyday curriculum, while having a bit of fun at the same time.


For 2017, our eLearning Day focused on our STEAM unit of the Arts. Year Sixes led our Friendship Groups to create a music video to a song with a positive / powerful theme. The Year Sixes did a fantastic job teaching the students in their groups, who were very quick learners!


Our day concluded with an assembly where we were able to show our music videos to the rest of the school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers at Galilee for their flexibility and assistance on the day, as well as the students for doing a fantastic job to make our first Galilee eLearning Day a huge success.


Bring on eLearning Day 2018!!


Joss Coaley

eLearning Leader

Team Burns


On eLearning day, Miss Burns' Friendship Group did a music video to the song 'Can't Stop the

Feeling'.  Firstly, we learnt our dance then started filming. We chose this song because it was a

happy song and it was good for all year levels and is a fun song to dance to. We had eLearning

Day because it had to do with our STEAM subject, the Arts and with I.C.T. because we did the

filming and editing of the video.

Chrisoula (6H) and Tadhg (6C)

Team Carnovale


The whole of Galilee had a day called eLearning Day. eLearning is a day to learn about the Arts, STEAM and all creative things. On eLearning day I choose 'Roar’, because I feel like the song is telling you that everyone has a voice, and we need to use that voice because we can all sparkle, and with our voice we can change the world.

Claudia (6H)

Team Casey


We chose the song ‘Daft Punk’ by Pentatonix, because it sounds interesting to little kids and it is POSITIVE. We chose a positive song because if we chose a negative song, then the kids will be dancing to a negative song and that would be bad for their future. It could be bad for their future because they could grow up with a negative attitude that they learnt from the song that we chose.

Arnika (6C) and Vincent (6H)

Team Evans / Walker


We chose our song because it was fun and easy for the little kids to dance to and to make different moves. In the morning we went into our Friendship Groups classes and learnt what our song and dance was going to be.‍ The class had fun learning the dance and learning new moves. After snack we practised the video one more time before we went onto the basketball court. When it was time we filmed the video and it took us a couple of times but after awhile we finally got it right. After we got it we took photos to put in the video. To edit it everyone helped to make to video successful. All up it was a fun day.

Lila (6H) and Patrick (6H)

Team Fahy


We chose 'Happy' because it is an inspirational song and it shows a positive message. It is a happy, fun and an exciting song and it also shows that there are other ways to make yourself happy. Overall the day went amazing. It was hard to film  but it all went to plan. We all enjoyed the day and everyone was really pleased about the ending video!

Ethan (6H) and Ella (6H)

Team Ferris


On Friday the 4th of August, the whole school had our very first eLearning day. We were in charge of our whole group, and we had Mrs Ferris accompany us because she was our group teacher as we needed adult supervision. We took all the kids in our friendship group into the Hall. Once we had settled down, we sat on the floor. We then put the music on for our friendship group to know the words to the song. After we listened to the song a couple of times we then showed our group the actions we had made for the song with some help from Noah. We were so proud of the whole group to have learnt all of the moves to the whole song in only a couple of minutes. We were so early we started to film the first few bits of the music video. Then after a few minutes of filming, we ate our food and went out to recess.  After recess we went out to the grass area to film some more. After 15 minutes of filming in the grass area we went to Learning Street to film for another fifteen minutes. It turned out that we had finished early, therefore we had some extra free time in the Hall. Only, until a few moments later we went to Miss Carnovale’s room to watch “Camp Rock”. While we were in Miss Carnovale’s room we then started to edit our music video for the final product.


We chose the song “Fireflies” by Owl City. We chose this song because it is a happy, good, positive song that ties to our religion topic of being a Steward of Creation. So while learning ICT we are also learning a bit of Religion. All in all, we had a wonderful and amazing, fun day that we’re sure that everyone enjoyed. We hope you enjoy our music video!

By Jake (6C) and Jeslyn (6C)

Team Ford



On eLearning day we split up into our friendship groups. eLearning day linked into our subjects the Arts because we were learning performing arts and ICT because we were turning it into a video. Our teacher was Mrs Ford. Firstly, we listened to our song which was a mashup of 'Scream and Shout' and 'Can't Hold Us'. We chose this song because we thought it was a happy and upbeat song that would motivate our friendship group to practice and go full out while learning the dance. We had around two hours to learn our dance as a group. Some parts were learnt separately because every year level had their own part to the music video. In the time we had between snack and lunch we filmed using our iPads. Filming linked into our ICT subject because we than had to use the footage that we had and add it to iMovie to create a music video. At the end of the day we showed all the music videos in the hall at a mini assembly. Overall the day was a hit and everyone had a blast. Thanks Mr Coaley.

Charlotte (6C) and Christian (6H)

Team Gerecke


We chose the song 'Happy' for our group because it is a happy song and it is a groovy song to dance to. Our group did really well with the moves and the dance came out really well everyone's favourite part was the freestyle circle because everyone got to do whatever they liked and they got to show off their moves. Over all the day was awesome and everyone had the best time ever, everyone enjoyed the the choreography and the they enjoyed getting taught the choreography. All the kids in our group loved the song we chose. It was good to see that everyone was giving it a go and encouraging others. Everyone was helping each other with the moves which is great teamwork. I am very proud of my group that participated in eLearning day. At the end of the day everyone went home with a smile on their face which was great to see. GO MRS GERECKE!!!

Madison (6C) and Michael (6C)

Team Giles


We chose this song because it's about being an optimist, grey clouds going over and if you close your eyes you can think of good things and forget about the bad things, as if nothing happened.


The day went well with our friendship group.  We had fun learning the steps to our song 'Pompeii'. Then we went into filming after recess it was a success.  Finally after lunch, we headed into the hall to watch all the other Friendship Group’s dances.

Ethan (6C) and Gwyn (6C)

Team Hart / Reilly


We chose ‘Can't Stop the Feeling’ because it is a positive song, yet still not boring. We filmed in the classroom and in the corridor. We got our dance off the internet and practised it a lot before filming. Hope you enjoy!

Ben (6C) and Roxy (6H)

Team Hill / Cox


On eLearning Day, two year six students had to take their friendship group up to their classroom

and show each student from their friendship group the dance moves to their song. Ours was

'Happy'. We showed our friendship group how to do the dance moves and then we got them to

do the dance back to, us they learnt it quite well. After recess we went to different areas and

filmed our dance. By lunch time we had all our footage and edited it while we were eating. After

lunch we showed our video to the whole school and everyone enjoyed it. We chose Happy

because it was a happy song and everyone enjoys it.

Luke (6C) and Sophie (6H)

Team Otte


We chose to do our dance to the song 'Shout', you may have noticed it on the Kmart ads. We chose this song because it is cheerful and upbeat song that made everyone happy while learning choreography and gives everyone a lot of energy. This day was heaps of fun and I bet that our friendship group had a lot of fun dancing and playing while making an amazing music video.

Isabella (6C), Luc (6C) and Jo (6H)

Team Price


We have chosen the song “That Power” from Justin Bieber because it is a good song from our own opinion. Another reason why we chose our song is because the song is entertaining and upbeat which makes it fun to dance to.

Johanne (6C), Lily (6C) and John (6H)

Team Reid


We decided to choose this song because it's a very upbeat and happy song and most people enjoy it! We found it by scrolling through YouTube and we just found the perfect dance along with the perfect song. We think the eLearning went really well because the kids were in charge and we had full control.

Jack (6C) and Rachel (6C)

Team Rochecouste


Overall the day went very well and everyone had fun. Every person in our group participated and contributed in the rehearsals and making of our music video. We also worked really hard while everyone was learning the dance and we put lots of effort into the whole day.

We chose this song because it sends a positive message and we're sure everyone would like it to be the best day of their lives. We'd like to thank Mrs Rochecouste for keeping our group listening and we'd like to thank the Friendship Group for participating and making a great music video.     

Sam (6H) and Saskia (6C) 

Team Romios


On eLearning Day 2017 for our music videos we were doing, the song I picked was ‘Thunder’ by Imagine Dragons. I picked this song because a line in the song was about bullying and how to get over it. The day started when all of the Year Sixes went up stairs at once to get their IPads, then we went to our class rooms and started to teach our friendship group the dance moves, before snack we were already 2 hours ahead of schedule. In the end I thought it was an amazing day and all of the videos were great!

Callum (6H)

Team Smith


We choose the theme song of ‘Ghostbusters’ because as we wanted to choose a unique song for eLearning day and do a different song then the other groups. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed the day!

Dante (6C), Sabrina (6H) and Rosie (6H)

Team Tobin / Coaley


Our group chose MC Hammer’s ‘Can't Touch This’ We chose it because we were hoping that it would teach the kids to stay positive when you get hurtful comments. Our group worked really well together.

Phoebe (6H) and Ollie (6H)

Big Kids of Galilee