From the Principal

Founders’ celebrations

The celebration of John XXIII Day is a highlight for our students and staff. It is an opportunity to be faithful to the past, live in the present and be hopeful for the future. Our opening to John XXIII Day is a whole school Mass giving thanks for our Catholic faith and heritage. Over the past few weeks, we have also reflected on the important role and inspiration of Pope John XXIII, Ignatius of Loyola and Mary Ward as followers of Christ.



In our 40 year celebrations in 2017 we commenced a new tradition of inviting former teachers back to the College to meet with our current staff. It is now an annual event at the conclusion of John XXIII day and is a way of communicating the stories from the past.

Last weekend I had the privilege of joining our Year 11 students and staff as they attended their Retreat in preparation for their pilgrimages later this term. I was struck by their commitment to the program and their excellent participation and good humour. It is brilliant to see young people looking at making a difference in the world.


There is a further chance for our students to engage with other like-minded young people through a Veritas event being hosted at the College this evening commencing at 6:00pm( It is a pre- Australian Catholic Youth Festival gathering as preparation for the December festival of young Catholics from around the country (aged 15 - 30). We are delighted that our facilities are being used by the organisers of this event and we encourage our students to attend.



Robert Henderson


There has been interesting media discussion this week on student participation in sporting carnivals. Some of our more innovative approaches to promote school spirit were referenced in the discussion: