Other College Information

2022 Fees and Notice Required for Withdrawal from the College

I would like to remind parents of the College’s Fee Policy and the requirement to set up a payment schedule in Parent Lounge if the account is not paid in full by the noted due date. Please ensure that you organise and set up your payment schedule before 28 February.


I would also like to take the opportunity to remind parents of the College’s student withdrawal procedure to ensure the continued planned financial commitments of the College are managed:


When a student is to be withdrawn from the College, or if an enrolment is to be cancelled by the parents, they are required to give the Head of College one term’s notice, in writing, before the withdrawal or cancellation date. However, if withdrawal is to be effective at the end of the College year, written notice must be given by the end of Term 3. Parents / guardians who do not give such a period of notice will be liable to pay the College an amount equal to one term’s fees in lieu of such notice.


In anticipation of your co-operation, thank you.

External Tutoring on College Grounds

If you are interested in arranging for an External Private Tutor (e.g. an Old Boy) to tutor your son on College Grounds, such as in the Library or within the Boarding precinct, you will need to seek permission from the Head of College, Mr Michael Newman by emailing him the details to marist@marash.qld.edu.au. Please include the name of your son, his homeroom and the name/contact details of the Tutor you are enlisting to tutor your son.


As you may appreciate, we require all persons engaging in private tutoring on campus to hold a Blue Card, have double vaccination, as well as to abide by the College’s Private Tutoring Guidelines. You will then be emailed a form that needs to be signed and returned and the HR department will make contact with the Tutor regarding their Blue Card.


Please note that until the Tutor provides proof of their Blue Card to the College, and is linked to the College, they are unable to tutor on the College grounds. If you have any further enquiries please contact Head of Staff Services, Julie Ward at wardj@marash.qld.edu.au.

Lost Property

Any items of lost property that are found are handed in at the Student Administration Office or Primary Reception. Please make sure any items brought to school are clearly labelled.