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Week 4 Award Winners

Andy Bartholomew- Your AMAZING growth in reading and sight words. You are a super star! 

Macie Goninan- Harwood - for working hard when sharing objects equally. Macie is able to explain how many groups she has and how many objects within each group.

Hayden Stockwell - for his engagement in learning about informative texts and for sharing his love of this writing genre with others. 

Logan Allan - for being a caring and considerate member of our class who is always willing to help out anyone in need. 

Troy Balint - for doing 2 amazing poems during Big Write.

Marilyn Bowley - for working hard to edit and uplevel sentences this week! 

Nate Aspinall - for showing maturity and respect for class members during collaborative group work. 

Abbie Coghill - for attempting to use new vocabulary in explanations 

Lincoln Darnell - exceptional effort in working on his understanding of the connections between fractions, decimals and percentages.