Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,


We’ve come to the end of another exceptional year- not only in Australia’s history but certainly in terms of schools and student learning. We were able to move back to school without the need for remote and flexible learning but we know that Covid is still present in our community. But for all of COVID’s challenges, the dedication of students, parents and staff has seen us through another year. 

Positives to come from the two years of remote learning periods include; technological upskilling of staff, parents and students and an opportunity for many schools to concentrate closely on Literacy and Numeracy. Our students fared better than most during these periods as we led the Wimmera South West Area and much of the state in Literacy in Year 3. 

There were negatives and they centered mainly around the social and wellbeing of students, staff and parents. Not being able to celebrate as we normally would with excursions, assemblies and sports days was one of the downsides. However we have been able to put this behind us with a full camping and excursion program in 2022. Students were fortunate to attend camps to Roses Gap, Sovereign Hill and Cottage by the Sea. These were fantastic experiences and we thank parents for supporting this program. It has also been very pleasing to see so many parents and friends back in our school grounds this year.  

Today is a day of celebration at Warrnambool Primary School. We have much to celebrate! There are several awards that were presented this morning to our very worthy winners. To those students I say well done as they are much deserved. I would also like to congratulate our entire student body at Warrnambool Primary School. Throughout the school year our students have been able to demonstrate much academic and personal growth. All of our students are equally capable of producing their best, we are privileged to be able to share that with them. 

Thank-you to our student leadership group led by Sonny Hussey, Olivia Anderson, Amyius Cunningham and Eleanor Bussell. 


To our dedicated School Council, led by Greg Gent, thankyou for your strong leadership across the school. We are fortunate to have a wide and varied skill set on our Council.  The school has been in very capable hands. Once again 2023 will present new opportunities and we look forward with optimism. Good luck and thankyou to Helen Conheady and Jan Consedine who are moving on from Warrnambool Primary School at the end of this year.


To our Parents Association well done and thank you for your hard work and dedication to the school. There are many programs we would not be able to run at our school without your contribution in time and funds. Congratulations on another successful year!


To all the parents/carers who support the school programs through voluntary work, assisting with programs and nurturing your children I say thankyou. 


To our dedicated staff, well done on another terrific year! I know the depth of your dedication to the students at our school. The students understand this too and there is a special bond which exists between staff and students at our school which would be the envy of other schools.  



Congratulations to our Year 6 students on the completion of their Primary Schooling years. Mrs McLauchlan, Mr Hill, Ms Ryan, Mrs Allen and Mr Fraser ensured that the Graduation was a very special event for the Year 6 students and their families. We wish every student exiting our school all the very best at secondary school. We are confident that they are well prepared for the excitement and challenges which lay ahead. Each student has had a pleasing year of growth but there were several awards presented and the following are worthy recipients:

Year 6 Outstanding Academic Achievements, Warrnambool City Council Scholarships

5/6A - Mikaeli Balazs and Will Emeny  

5/6B - Will Butler and Olivia Anderson 

5/6C - Penny Morrow and Max Parker 

5/6D - Otis Farrington and Bianca Cowell 

5/6E - Hunter Chatfield and Jack Griffiths 

Harold Stephenson Award

Sonny Hussey and Olivia Anderson 

Principal’s Endeavour Awards

Amiyus Cunningham and Eleanor Bussell 

Cottage by the Sea Scholarships

Phoenix Causby and Phineas Griffin 

Central Rotary Club of Warrnambool Citizenship Awards 2022 

Hunter Chatfield and Grace Brown

East Warrnambool Rotary

Penny Morrow and Patrick Stuart 

Year 6 Academic Endeavour Awards

5/6A - Michael Consedine  

5/6B - Lily Gent 

5/6C - Charles Watson  

5/6D -  Gretta Wake

5/6E - Phoenix Causby 

Warrnambool Primary School Resilience Award 2022 

Rachel Delaney-Brown 

2022 CWA Scholarship Award

Phineas Griffen 

STEM Awards 2022    

Amiyus Cunningham, Phineas Griffen and Will Butler 

2022 Cultural Studies Encouragement Awards 

Phoenix Causby, Charles Watson and Olivia Anderson  

Warrnambool Primary School Visual Arts Award 2022

Gretta Wake, Holly Fitzhardinge, Otis Farrington, Eleanor Bussell, Daniel Speed, Phineas Griffen, Sonny Hussey, Penny Morrow, Audrey White, Hunter Chatfield 

2022 Physical Education Awards

Audrey White, Michael Consedine, Max Philpott, Sonny Hussey, Rachel Delaney–Brown and Josh Lilley 

School Sports Victoria Academic and Sporting Achievement Medal

Jack Griffiths

Aspiring Indigenous Graduate Award 

Hunter Chatfield 

Aspiring EAL Graduate Award 

Danny Van Wyngaard 

Junior School Council Emerging Leader Award

Audrey White

Tristan Forster Music Award  

Bianca Cowell 



At our final assembly today we were able to announce leadership groups for 2023 and awards for those students moving into Year 6.

Year 5 Tozer Academic Scholarships for 2022 

Kitty Dang and Jordie Gale 

2022 Pitstop Endeavour Award

Holly Pimblett  


2023 JSC Ambassadors

Freya Earshaw, Brianna Kurlatov, Jagger Lynch and Noah O’Connor


Sienna McDougall, Jake McDonald, Sara Dillon, Willow Howe and Shannae Hines


Annabelle Riordan, Cody Duncan, Greta Turner, Amelia Rowbottom, Mia Bonnett, Lucas Leslie-Thom, Aylee Billington, Max Featherby and Lilly Thornbury 


Levi Jephcott, Bungarie Ugle-Hagan, Holly Pimblett, Manny Graham, Asha Nadaraj, Kelly Carman, Asha Dawe, Alyssa Smith, Kitty Dang, Isabella Newell, Nabeila Campling, Dylan Howard and Luchelle Coetzee 


Shakira Grayson, Piyaphat Yingdech, Mason Fenwick, Julien Dillon, Bailey Kenny, Bailey Bell, Chloe Mobbs, Joey Beveridge, Isobel Logan, Malakye Toka, Sarah Martini and Maddison Kirkpatrick-Harris

STEAM leadership

Elouise Auletta, Mason King, Connor Gravolin, Jordie Gale, Tyler Dowdell, Evie Hollands, Bailey Hill and George Chomontowski.


Amalee Thomas, Meika Johnson, Jai Cuthbert and Jayden Klein 


Lilly Delaney, Piyaphon Yingdech, Henry Morton, Ava Toleman-Conn, Max England and Ella Lynch 


Shakirah Grayson, Bungarie Ugle-Hagan, Chloe Mobbs, Malakye Toka, Jayden Klein, Hunter Howard and Dylan Howard. 


Piyaphat Yingdech, Piyaphon Yingdech, Luchelle Coetzee, Kitty Dang, and Sofia Osmonova. 


The Kelly Shield

Presented to the House that has won the most points during the year.

Aqua 110.53 



Awarded to students who have represented Warrnambool Primary School in sport at Regional and State levels.

Regional Sport


Lenny Spicer


Max Philpot


Asher Dawe, Starla Lilley, Quinn Hussey, Josh Lilley, Luke Farley, Brooklyn Maddocks and Jack Griffiths.

Cross Country 

Asher Dawe, Josh Lilley and Jack Griffiths

State level


Quinn Hussey

Cross Country

Asher Dawe and Jack Griffiths


Walk to School Campaign

Vic Health, Warrnambool City Council and Warrnambool Cycles as part of the healthy moves campaign, provided prizes for the highest participating school for Walk to School Day. Warrnambool Primary School was the highest participating school in the area! The following students were recipients of those prizes.


$600 Warrnambool Cycles voucher

Will Butler 5/6B


$50 Intersports Voucher

Bronte Downes 1B



Glen Watson from Glen Watson Photography was at the Year 6 Graduation this morning and has taken some wonderful photos. Please click on this link to view and purchase photos.



It is a very sad time when we have to farewell staff who have been part of our working family. Some of them have been long term members and others for a relatively shorter time but we acknowledge their service this week.

Janine Glennen has been a very long serving teacher with a strong history of academic excellence and a passion for teaching. We will miss Janine’s friendship and collegiality as she takes extended leave in 2023. 

Lynne Moloney has also been a wonderful teacher at Warrnambool Primary School over many years. Lynne will be remembered for her performing arts capability and leadership along with her excellent classroom practice. Lynne is retiring from classroom teaching but we hope to see her in the future at Warrnambool Primary School. 

Mary Ferguson has been an outstanding classroom teacher and teaching mentor at Warrnambool Primary School for many years. Mary is retiring from teaching but we hope to see her in the future at Warrnambool Primary School. 

Our best wishes go with Janine, Lynne and Mary.

We also farewell Caitlyn Hill this week as she moves to Torquay with her family. Caitlyn has secured a teaching position at Armstrong Creek School. 

Deanne Mollenoyux and family are moving to Cairns in 2023. It is a huge change for them and we will miss Dee and Maddi at school next year. We also wish Jacob well in his new school community. 

Jane McMeel is taking leave while she pursues her AFLW dream and will be based in Geelong. We wish Jane all the very best. 

Sharyn Fary will be undertaking Business Manager duties in 2023 at Warrnambool College. We wish Sharyn all the very best and welcome Joanne Saffin from Grasmere PS in 2023. 

Ange Nutting will be leaving us as she has secured a position at another school in our Network for 2023. Ange has been an outstanding member of staff and we wish her all the very best in 2023.

We welcome Jarryd Lewis in 2023. Jarryd is a very skilled and passionate teacher and he will be teaching Year 2A. 

We also welcome Michelle Rea and John Papadopoulos back from their leave in 2023.


I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the school holidays and we look forward to 2023 with much optimism and enthusiasm!


Peter Lee