Academic Excellence

Semester One video challenge

Advertising executives

Our Year 7–9 Academic Excellence students have spent much of the semester working on a group project as advertising executives. They were asked to use multimedia to produce advertising material that will promote St Norbert College. Given that we are celebrating 900 years of the Norbertine Order it seemed fitting to have a project that was focussed on our College and its heritage. 


The students performed well as a team using a variety of technologies to complete their projects. The Super 87’s used a drone and GoPro to get footage for their video but also created QR codes that link to websites explaining the Houses within St Norbert College. The Advert Army looked into different filming techniques for their video and also created their own background music. The Super 7’s team created a video using many colourful photos and a voiceover, and included our College hymn, Prepared For All, as their background music. 



Once filming was completed and the videos edited, the students were tasked with presenting their final videos to our leadership team in the College boardroom. They were very nervous but also excited and eager to show their work. Their presentations were very professional. Mr Harvey said how impressed he was with their material and that he would like to use all the promotional material in the coming terms.


Well done to the three advertising teams. You should be very proud of yourselves!


Semester Two

Academic Excellence Program nomination forms for Semester Two have been sent to all Year 7 – 9 parents and students. Thank you to those students who have responded promptly. The new group of students will start the new semester at a hectic pace as we begin Tournament of Minds.


The ‘Super 7s’ are a girl-based team for Academic Excellence. We made an advertisement to showcase St Norbert for families who are looking to enter their children for our high school. We made the advertisement over 7 weeks and really enjoyed it. Everyone in the ‘Super 7s’ had a role. Three of the ‘Super 7s’ members went to the boardroom which we had to show our advertisement to Mr Harvey, Ms Rainford, Mr Dowling & Mrs Quartermain. We all felt very nervous and excited at the same time.   (Emmeline Adiguna)


In the Academic Excellence Program, we were tasked to create an informational ad or product that could help the school during events like open day. My group, the Super 87’s decided to go with QR codes. With this came many challenges, like how we were going to make the QR codes, what information we were going to put on the Qr codes and how we were going to present the information. After a term of work, we were ready and all that was left was to present to Mr Harvey, Ms Rainford, Mr Dowling & Mrs Quartermain. This initially had me worried but when we got there it had all gone and I was proud of what we have done.                                                                                                                           (Andre Flores)


Australian Geography Competition

We have now received the results for the Australian Geography competition. Students from the Year 8 & 9 Humanities Extension classes and the Year 10 Humanities Advanced classes proved that they have some great geographical knowledge. Congratulations to the students listed below that have achieved a Distinction or High Distinction. They will receive their certificates at the next College assembly.


Distinctions:  Edie McKnight (8), Serah Simon (8), Talia Cappelluti (9), Jack Driscoll (9), Saahir Karnam (9), Katie Seroney (9), Meleina Zeeb (9), Keyro Loreto (10), Lexi Satti (10), Aarush Vijapure (10).


High Distinctions: Ashlee Bitao (8), Chloe Perez (8), Nadine Retallack (8), Jia Ying Chen (9), Oscar Seroney (9), Taine Rangitoheriri (10).


Write4Fun Competition

Congratulations to Emma Pickering and Jia Ying Chen who displayed their literary skills by participating in the Australia wide Write4Fun competition. Emma wrote a sorrowful poem, Ode to the Broken Man’s Heart and Jia wrote a short story, Misfortune, about fainting during an assessment. They were happy to hear that their work will be published in the Write4Fun compilation of works. 


Mrs L Cardenia 

(Academic Excellence Coordinator)