Student Ministry

Retreat Days and Vinnies Appeal

Collection extended


Due to Covid restrictions we are now extending our winter appeal into the first week of Term 3.  The holidays might be the ideal time to encourage your family members and friends to do a bit of a clean out of clothing that they no longer require.  These clothes can be brought into Student Ministry during Week 1 and the Vinnies will collect them at the start of Week 2. Please give generously, knowing that what is donated will go straight to Vinnies stores over the coming weeks. They are absolutely desperate for donation  of any winter clothing!


Year 11 Retreat Day

The Year 11 Encounter Retreat day, on Monday, 21 June, included two guest speakers who really set the theme of our retreat. Mrs Cheree Harris talked about the important work she does with the helping Hands Across the Sands Charity in Indonesia and Br Allan Archer, who is the founder of the Emmaus community, invited students to Emmaus to hear about the wonderful work the community does in assisting those who are suffering from mental health issues. This day was wonderful as it encouraged our students to reflect and share their Christian service learning experience. We ended the day with a liturgy in which the students prayed for the people that they met while doing their service and thanked God for the blessings that they have in their own lives.


Year 12 retreat Day

Our Year 12 Retreat was a special event for our Year 12 students. Run by the Youth Mission Team the students were encouraged throughout the day to reflect and share their life's journey.  Many students commented that they were so grateful to have some time to stop and reflect from the busyness of their lives. 



Here are some reflections from Chloe and Michael:

Our final retreat for our time at high-school was a great way to reflect on the friendships made over the past six years, as well as look back on all the memories made. With the help of the YMT team we got to talk in detail and learn about our classmates goals, faiths and aspirations for the future, which not only made us closer as a year group but got us excited for graduation and life ahead of us. ​

Chloe Hewitt 


Our last ever St Norbert Retreat was a really great experience for all us in Year 12. The retreat took us out of our busy day to day lives and provided some clarity about our future, where we stand in regards to our faith and how we all need to come together as one during our final term of school. The YMT team helped put our lives into perspective through their own personal stories and made us grateful for the education we’ve received and how it has set us up for a successful life.​                                                 Michael Gressieux


Ms M Kyd

 (Coordinator of Campus Ministry)