The Arts

Music Night

Sensational showcase

Music Night was a great opportunity for all music students to demonstrate their musical skills and talents through their respective ensembles. It was a joy to see a packed audience engage with the performances on the night, and it was also thrilling to have some of our staff members attend the night as well. The positive energy was built up over the course of the night, and I am sure that everyone had the opportunity to cruise with the positive vibes of the night with YMCA as the concluding performance. 


We thank all parents, staff, students and past students who took time off their schedules to enjoy such an anticipated College event. We thank Mr Beins, Mrs Freind, Miss Tran and all those involved into making this night possible for all of us!​


Chelsea Macalalad – Year 12



Instruments for Sale

St Norbert College has some used and old music equipment for sale at low prices. This includes electric guitars, electric keyboards and drum kit parts. Details and prices of this equipment can be viewed in the PDF here: 



If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact Mr Chadwick Beins at to arrange a viewing of the equipment.



Mr C Beins (Director of Music and 

Head of Learning Area - The Arts)


Letter from Mark McGowan

One of the highlights of Semester One was the glittering production of Cinderella: The Enchanted Edition. The excitement continued when a letter about the cast and crew was received by Miss Hilton from the Premier, Mark McGowan.


Mr McGowan wrote to drama teacher and director Miss Hilton to thank her for sending him a short video of students expressing their gratitude that the show went ahead after May's snap lockdown.


Miss Hilton sent the video to Mr McGowan’s Rockingham office, thanking the government and broader community for keeping WA safe.

Watch it here:



About two weeks later, Miss Hilton received a reply, which read:  “Thank you for taking the time to send me an email and video recently. “I very much appreciate your kind words and support during these challenging times and was impressed by your enthusiasm for your production of Cinderella.


“I hope that it all went well and that your family and friends enjoyed watching the performances. Keep studying, and growing, and I wish you all the best for your future goals and dreams.


“Again, thanks once again – your support is greatly appreciated by myself and my team.’’ _ Mark McGowan MLA, Premier. 



Mrs L Quartermain

(Community Relations)