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Inclusive Sports Program

As staff, we are passionate about providing all students the opportunity to participate in sport and have the chance to represent the College in a sporting team. The Associated and Catholic Colleges (ACC) which governs inter-school sport has developed the Inclusive Sports Program (ISP) which I would like to pass on to you for consideration if it would be suitable for your child.


Inclusive Sports Program (ISP)

The aim of the Associated and Catholic Colleges of WA (ACC) is to provide quality sport and recreation activities that cater to all levels of student ability.  ISP is integral to the ACC mission and provides students with a disability equitable access to sporting and recreational opportunities. The program is specifically targeted at students whose disabilities may hinder their inclusion in school based or inter-school sporting events.


The College would like give students the opportunity to represent St Norbert College as part of the Inclusive Sports Program. The program offers a number of opportunities which include:

  • Athletics Carnival
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Soccer, AFL & Cricket
  • Sport Days

When considering these opportunities for your child keep in mind disabilities can result in a person having a substantially reduced capacity for communication, social interaction, learning and/or mobility.


The first upcoming event is the Inclusive Sports Athletics Carnival which will be held in Term 3 on 10 September. If you think your child would benefit from this opportunity to represent the College as an Individual and/or as part of a team please email your interest to 


Thank you for your support in allowing us to continue to provide opportunities for our students. Should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Miss K Isard 

(Assistant Head of Sport, 

Health and Physical Education Teacher)