Grade 3/4 Students

Celebrating our tremendous Threes and fabulous Fours !

3/4A - Miss Lee


3/4B - Miss Brook

Lily C and Josie B exploring factors! In 3/4B, we learnt that ‘factors’ is just a fancy word for the answers to our timestables. Both girls went through and colour coded the factors for each timetable on their 120 chart. 


3/4C - Mr Lewis

We have started the term investigating multiplication, including the different ways of representing multiplication facts, as seen here in Harry D and Tabitha’s work.


Part of our investigation into multiplication has included learning about factors and products. Multiplying two whole numbers gives a product. The numbers that we multiply are the factors of the product. This can be seen here in Mikaela T’s very impressive factor insects poster. 


3/4D - Mr Mitch

This week in 3/4 D we have been investigating the history of the Olympics. Each student selected a country and sport to research and will use this information to write a report next week. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the lead up to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics (Isobel C and Vianne C)


3/4E - Ms Margarita

During our first week back, Grade 3/4 have been learning about the importance of NAIDOC Week and have been researching and celebrating achievements and contributions made by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We have learnt about the history of both flags, explored the traditional names of places and have researched inspirational people.