Grade 2 Students 

Celebrating our terrific Twos!

2A - Ms Meagan and Mrs Bird

To celebrate NAIDOC week 2A shared some Dreamtime stories and then completed a storyboard to retell them. We had a scavenger hunt in the room looking for Aboriginal symbols and their meanings. With Miss Meagan, we decorated boomerangs. 


2B - Miss Bailey

This week 2B have been learning about how to write a procedural text. During our Webex sessions, we have worked through creating a procedure to help our buddy, the Cookie Monster, to make an Egg Sandwich. Once we had finished our procedures, we read them out loud to the class while Miss Bailey acted out the exact steps. This meant 2B had to be very precise with their words so that the sandwich was made correctly and Miss Bailey didn't end up with a very messy kitchen. It has been great to see 2B taking what they have learnt and creating their own procedures at home. 2B, you are amazing!!


2C - Mrs Mac

In 2C, we celebrated NAIDOC Week in our first 4 days back at school. We learned about symbology, flags and people as well as Aboriginal Dreamtime stories.