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Year 7 Fractions – Fun Project

At the end of term 2, all Year 7s completed a Fractions Project which involved them baking different desserts that required fractions of one or more ingredients in the recipe.  They also had to convert the recipe for 20 people in class.  Students worked on this project with great enthusiasm.  They all brought their baked food to share with the class.  Some groups also presented a creative video of them baking their dessert while some created posters with the photos of them baking their dessert with the recipe.


Arivu Kumaran

Year 7 Maths Teacher


Making Reading Fun for All

During week 3 of term 3, 8A and 8E were fortunate to experience ‘Starbooks’ in our English class. ‘Starbooks’ was incorporated in our English lessons as a way of launching the Wide Reading Program for semester two.  Ms Maniatis our English teacher, had employed the services of the library staff to hand pick a selection of novels from a variety of genres.  The aim of the program was to have the opportunity to read books that we normally may not have selected for ourselves.


It was evident that Ms Maniatis had been planning this for some time because the effort that went into it clearly showed this.  We were given an invitation to attend first, days prior and on the day, we were greeted by a waitress, (Ms Maniatis) who escorted us to our tables.  On each table was a selection of books representing a particular genre. We were required to select a novel, read the blurb, view the front cover and then read some pages of the novel and decide whether it was a book we wanted to read in full.  We rotated to different tables to experience other genres too.


Not only did we enjoy the reading aspect of Starbooks but the atmosphere Ms Maniatis created was pure genius and undeniably, the best experience of Year 8 to date. She had recreated the room to look like a Starbucks cafe.  Each student was given starbooks currency which they could use at the cafe to purchase a hot drink and sweet treats. Our classmates enjoyed it and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such a fun activity.


Maxime Eysseric & Raphael Lazarus

Year 8A

Australian Geography Competition

Our Year 9 Geography students tested their geographical skills and knowledge against students from all around Australia in the 2019 Australian Geography Competition.


Over 73,500 students from 792 schools across Australia entered the Australian Geography Competition.


We have a number of student geographers at our school who performed to a very high level in the Competition this year.

Congratulations to the following students:


Top 1%

Nathaniel Cosgrave 9E

Troy Gogle 9E


High Distinction

Dashiel Bricknall 9A

Alexine Dubois 9B

Emily McLenaghan 9A

William Wang 9F



Caitlin Blair 9B

Kian Kelly 9B

Tess Keogh 9B

Darcy Messenger 9D

Alvin Phan 9E

Pahuldeep Singh 9E

Luis Tanag 9B



Sebastian Buley-Delanty 9F

William Fasham 9A

Jasmyn Roberts 9B

Alicia Scott 9C

Corey Tusak 9D

Esperanza Wilson 9C


Melanie Mattsson

Head of Humanities

Year 11 Legal Studies Excursion

On 29th July, Year 11 Legal Studies students attended the Moorabbin Justice Centre, where the Magistrates Court operates, to further our understandings of the judicial processes that are undertaken in the state of Victoria. The cohort got to experience many different cases from across the legal spectrum such as criminal cases involving driving offences and assault, family violence intervention orders and matters in the Children’s Court division.


We were also fortunate enough to be briefed by legal personnel including a Magistrate, Police Officer and Public Prosecutor. Hearing these cases gave us invaluable knowledge that we can now apply to support the content that we are being taught.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the excursion to the Magistrates Court as it furthered my passion for law and gave me the opportunity to witness live cases which was a great, exciting and an informative experience.


Noah Loven

Year 11

Intermediate Girls Futsal

The intermediate girls Futsal team blitzed their pool at interschool sport on Monday 5th August.  The team, consisting of Gabi Voges, Steffi Delimitrou, Ysabelle Panaligan, Cherry Teddu, Mekkhala Kongsawang, Tess Keogh and Amy-Lee Sobotka in goals, beat Elwood, Albert Park and Yavneh B in their pool to progress to the finals against Yavneh A side.  A gruelling first half saw the girls equalise with a goal to see scores tied at 1-1, but a second goal late in the second half saw them win the day 2-1. 


Naomi Zander

English Teacher