Cultural Diversity Week

Monday 21 to Friday 25 March

2022 Mordialloc College Cultural Diversity Week Celebration - March 21 to March 25


Cultural Diversity Activities:

This year, staff and students at the College were fortunate to celebrate Cultural Diversity Week this term from Monday 21st to Friday 25th of March 2022. Organised by the Languages (French and Japanese teachers) and EAL Team, there were a range of activities on offer for students throughout each day. Some of these activities included daily quizzes, viewing short films/documentaries about cultures around the world, a poster competition to demonstrate understanding of ‘Multiculturalism’, calligraphy and origami, bocce games to replicate French pétanque, Harmony Day awareness and international food promoted by the school canteen. 



A huge thank you to the Mordialloc College staff, in particular to Madame Barker, Madame Nonaka, Capp Sensei and Lyons Sensei (Languages teachers), Qun Joan Mao, Jenny Tran and Lorna Griss (EAL team) for their assistance throughout the week. 



Multiculturalism Poster Competition:

The winners are yet to be presented with their awards at the next YLA assembly in early Term 2 – hopefully, we will be able to announce these then, as we want to keep it as a surprise for the participants!

Madame Peerbux

Languages Area Leader



International Student Program


We had a short survey for last week's Cultural Diversity. Most of our international students said that through the activities they have learnt about so many different cultures. We congratulate Ethan Yang and Rhianna Hu for receiving the top House points as they both participated in all the activities.  

Please see the multicultural Poster they presented, it is a great example of how the students have embraced multiculturalism! 

Alida from Spain was so excited that she could write the Chinese Character for 'gold' which is 金. Naotao from Japan was confidently sharing his tips on origami and brush calligraphy. 



Qun Joan Mao

International Student Coordinator