Positive Climate for Learning

Year 1 Learning Community

Our amazing Year 1 students have been focusing on improving their writing, in particular their ability to form complete sentences. The ability to write a sentence can be a complex task, but sentences are the basic building blocks of writing so it’s important we get this right!


We have learnt about the 4 different types of sentences – a statement, a command, a question and an exclamation. They have been learning to use the conjunctions ‘and‘, ‘but’, ‘because’ and ‘so’ to expand on their sentences to make them more detailed. 


On Monday, we heard about all the wonderful things students had done on their holidays, so we took the opportunity to ask them to write about their highlights. Here are some brilliant examples of our students’ abilities to write complete, detailed sentences about their holidays. Way to go Year Ones!

On the last day of Term 2, we invited our parents and carers into our Learning Community to view our dioramas. Students learnt about lifecycles and habitats in our Science unit and created a habitat for an animal. There was lots of effort put into their creations and the children loved sharing these with each other and their parents. 

Year 2 Learning Community

Did you know that a cartographer is a person who creates and designs maps? Or that maps existed over 2000 years ago?


Maps are fascinating and will inspire our Year 2 students as they begin a geography unit in general studies.


This week, students looked at simple maps of known and unknown locations to activate their prior knowledge and inspire wonderings of what they will learn this term. Over the term we will explore the key question of:


What can maps tell us?

Look at what our students already know and what they wonder about maps. We cannot wait to share with you the interesting things we discover throughout our geography unit!


I already know…

Kenisha: A map can take you all around the world and direct you around the Zoo.

Max: The letter ‘X’ marks the spot.

Izzabelle: Maps show you where to go. They help people drive to places.


What I wonder…

Presley: How do maps know every place in the world?

Sloan: What are maps made of? Where did maps come from? How do you make them?

Natasha: How were maps invented? Who made the first one?

This is an aerial map of Armstrong Creek School.

Our students noticed it was an old map, can you?