Student News

Director of Students | Chris Pye

Welcome to Term 3. I hope the break was both restful and enjoyable!

Respectful Relationships

There are two distinct foci for the Pastoral Team this term. The first is to further embed the Respectful Relationships Program across the school. Indeed, there are great signs that this program is helping to solidify a respectful and inclusive culture in our school. On Tuesday, I was given a P.E. Extra and was delighted to see Respectful Relationships materials being the focus of the lesson. There was a great discussion on the importance of trust in all relationships, what inclusivity actually is and an examination of how to embark upon mature and honest conversations. I was so pleased with the activity that I took the class out for a short hit of table tennis after the discussion. Here, respect transmogrified to ageism, and I was quite easily defeated by one of the students. To put a literary spin on it, it was the best of times and the worst of times!

In addition to work undertaken in PE, Respectful Relationships lessons will be rolled out in our fortnightly pastoral periods this term. The Pastoral Team have undertaken a lot of work creating the program, mapping it the Victorian Curriculum Personal and Social Capabilities and working with Pastoral Teachers to deliver lessons that are enjoyable and educative. We look forward to the positive participation of all our students in these lessons.

Student Progress

The other focus for the term will be emphasising to students that it is imperative to give best effort in their studies. To this end, the Year 7-10 Pastoral Leaders and I will be inspecting all Semester 1 reports. We will look at student performance markers like: behaviour, application and organisation and will compare NAPLAN data with student academic performance data to see whether the student is fulfilling their potential in their studies. Communication with select students and families will occur after this process and plans, made together, in order to see improvement.


We are really looking forward to a positive Term where effort and respect will coalesce. Indeed, when these things are evident in our students – and our College-at-large – the days will be enjoyable and the experience of being at school will be meaningful. This is what we are after for all our students. 


Chris Pye

Director of Students