Our 2022 Social Club members are :

Eleanor Kanellakis (year 2, year 4)

Olivia Triandos (year 1, year 4)

Jo Hadjistamatis (year 4)

Aruna Nair (year 4)


Our Social Club members will work hand-in-hand with our class representatives : Linda Jong (year 1, year 3), Rachel McGuire (prep, year 2), Kylie Barker (prep, year 3), Jeanette Montell (prep, year 3), Mel Martini (year 6) Tania Angerosa (year 6)


We have a few things coming up in the next few months.


Term 2 Special Lunch:

A few Mums have very generously offered to co-ordinate a special lunch order for the children to enjoy. It will be held in Term 2, on a Tuesday. Details are still being finalised, and a flyer will be sent out early next term.


Trivia Night:

We are excited to finally be able to hold our Trivia Night, that has been postponed twice, due to Covid.

It will be held at school, in the Multi Purpose Room, on Saturday 20th August. So save the date! More details will come towards the end of Term 2.