Performing Arts 

Performing Arts Co-Curricular Program

Slowly we are returning to onsite learning. This means some updates to parts of the program.


Instrumental lessons: We expect Creative Music to resume on-campus lessons in the near future. We'll update you we know more details.


Production: we've been keeping in touch via Meets, with our Co-Captains running activities and Mr Ellis running scenes to keep dialogue scenes sharp. Once we are all back on site we'll be able to step out dances we have learned and practice on the stage. Singing and full dance rehearsals will resume as soon as they are able.


Concert Band and Marian College Choir: we won't be able to sing or play wind instruments until further notice, so both groups are working on virtual performances. These are nearing completion and we hope to release them by the end of the month or early in November. It's a great way of keeping the girl feeling connected. Both groups started on a high at the beginning of the year, and this will be our way to see out the year on a positive note. We wish our graduating Concert Band bassist Krishna Aguinaldo all the very best as she undertakes her exams and moves into the next phase of her life. Krishna started playing bass as part of the Year 7 instrumental classroom program, and then joined Concert Band and has stayed with us all the way through her time here at Marian.

Play Ukelele: This group can resume when we are all back on site, Each students will be designated a uke number if they are not bringing their own, and they will play the same uke each rehearsal.


Gospel Choir United: made up of mostly senior students, we expect this ensemble to resume in 2021.


We wish everyone the best as restrictions ease and we can connect more easily with family and friends.


Mari Eleanor 

Performing Arts Coordinator