Student Wellbeing

We are so glad to see you back….

As I sit and write my contribution to this edition of the Marian, it pleases me greatly to say that we have students returning to onsite learning and soon we will all return.


It does seem a little as if we are starting the year all over again and it must feel a little like this for our families as well after almost a term away. However, we are working very hard to support the transition of all of our students to onsite learning as smoothly as possible.


Many of the Year Level leaders participated in a webinar last week about the challenges of students transitioning back to school in a COVID era. We recognise that the return to school comes with a mix of relief and excitement along with a new set of stresses for both our students and our parents.


We have developed a set of clear protocols for our staff and students to address the expectations of the Chief Health Officer and endeavour to keep all of us safe. We will place these protocols in this edition of the Marian as a reference for all of our families.

It covers key aspects such as:

  • To remain at home if feeling unwell and go and get tested
  • Wearing of face masks inside and outside on the school grounds except when eating or drinking
  • The importance of practicing social distancing – 1.5 metres
  • The importance of washing hands and sanitising frequently
  • Use of lockers will be different based on the Year Level involved
  • The canteen will only be open for lunch orders and not at recess


We do recognise that for some students  the transition back to school will be challenging given the safety and security they have felt at home. It relies on both home and school working to ensure that we face up to the the challenges and work through those so that students can settle back into the routine of being at school with their friends and teachers.

Change is hard but as we know from the last 20 months things can change very quickly and we have learned to adjust as we go.


We adjust as we go…

As students return, we have needed to make adjustments with aspects of our programs. This includes the selection of the new Student Leaders and Lamp Bearers for 2022.

We will have our Leadership Day in the next couple of weeks as we prepare for the selection process that will include all of the students having an opportunity to submit an application for Lamp Bearer in 2020.


We will keep you informed of the process in coming editions of the Marian.


Welcome to our new member of the Counselling Department

As we return to Term 4 and onsite learning we welcome to our Counselling Department Ms Ebony Puopolo. Ebony, an ex student, has joined the staff as a trained Psychologist and is replacing Louisa Markarian who has taken Long Service Leave in Term 4. Ebony is most welcome and we look forward to her sharing her learning with us as she supports those students who require the extra support of our counselling services.


Uniform Reminders….

As we return to onsite learning a reminder that all students are to be in summer uniform with the dress at knee length, school blazer and long white socks.

Health and PE uniform should only be worn when students have their practical Health and PE classes.


Any students who need assistance with uniform please contact Lisa Carnovale (Monday - Wednesday) in the School Office .


To all members of our community continue to remain safe as we begin the transition and return to the new COVID normal.


Kerrie Williams 

Assistant to the Principal - Student Wellbeing