Learning and Teaching

End of Year Examinations and Assessments

It is wonderful to be welcoming our students back onto our lovely campus. We understand the challenging year that it has been; however, we encourage all students to maximise the time that we have together for learning and assessment.  


The VCAA Examination Period for our Year 12s and other students studying Unit 3/4 Studies commences on Wednesday (27 October). A significant proportion of our Year 11 students are completing one or more Unit 3/4 Studies. A letter outlining processes and expectations has been sent to each of these Year 11 students.


We were pleased to see that many students took advantage of our Marian College Unit 3/4 Revision Program on Thursday and Friday, last week. We wish all of our students completing VCAA Examinations the very best as they complete their final preparations for these examinations and look forward to hearing of their achievements at the end of the year. 


For Year 11 students, Marian College Semester 2 Examinations commence on 11 November after a study day on 10 November.  The timetable has been published on the SEQTA Examination Information Portal Page for students and parents.  A letter providing all details will be distributed this week, via Operoo. 


Due to the extended period of remote learning there will only two Year 10 Exams – English and Mathematics, with other assessments being conducted in classes. There will be no Year 9 Exam Block and all assessments will be completed in timetabled classes with the students’ own teachers. 


As usual, students in Years 7 and 8 will complete all assessments in their classes with their teachers.


All students in Years 7 to 10 will also complete ACER Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) in Mathematics and Reading Comprehension in November. The data gathered is used to measure student progress over the 12-month period since all students previously completed these tests. The data is used to inform the planning of our learning and teaching programs and to target student extension and support.  


VCE Classes Commence and Resources for 2022

Students have now received notification of their VCE subject allocations for 2022 and there will be an opportunity for students to request a change of subjects. Applications to change will be considered but will not be possible in all cases. 


On Monday 22 November, students will commence their VCE classes for 2022. The VCE Resource List is available through Campion and information has been sent to all students and families. The information is also available on the SEQTA Parent and Student Welcome Pages. Resources must be ordered by 31 October to ensure delivery before Commencement Classes, free of postage charges. It is essential that students attend all of the scheduled commencement classes with the required resources. 


Our current Year 9 students, who have enrolled in an acceleration study for 2022, attend the VCE Unit 1 Commencement Classes. They will require the resources for that study.

There will also be a VCAL Orientation Program for all students enrolled in the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning for 2022. This will commence on 11 November for students in Year 11 who are transferring from VCE to VCAL for Year 12 and on 17 November for Year 10 students enrolled in VCAL for 2022. 


Jane Goddard 

Assistant to the Principal - Learning and Teaching