winter magic market – August 10th, 2-8pm


Four weeks to go!

Roster is ready and waiting for you - Doing a shift at Winter Magic Market can be a great way to meet new people or have a laugh with a group of mates, all while helping our school. The roster is live on Be Collective. This link below should get you directly there or you can go to Be Collective ( and search Winter Magic Market.

Why 3 hour shifts? Answer: The 3-hour shifts on the day are to make it easier to manage food service without a shift changeover in the middle of the busiest period. Also, all those who have done it before will assure you that the time flies.

Why sign up, I will just be around on the day you can come find me and ask me if you need help?

The event gets very busy and we won’t have time to go find you or even call you to ask if you can fill in a gap that has occurred. It’s a lot less stressful for all the coordinators to have a full roster. Many hands make light work and a great team makes the day really fun for everyone.

Spit Roast coordinator still needed – we will make it as easy as possible for you!

We’ll order the marinated meat, the spit and the coals, we have a group of people ready to help you look after the spit during the morning, chop up the salad, mix the tzatziki, order the Turkish rolls and even serve up when the time comes. We just need someone with a passion for cooking (who may have done it or seen it done before) to get the spit started and oversee the cooking and show the team how to carve and get service started at stall once the meat is cooked.

Decorations around the school - It's the school's 90th Birthday this year, and accordingly, the theme we have chosen for our WMM decorations is 'festivity and celebration'.

To help make our vision a reality, we urgently need donations of the following items from our wonderful community:

- Wool/yarn, in vibrant, solid colours

- Hoola hoops, or smaller hoops of any kind

- Old bike wheels/rims

- Old lampshades or lampshade frames

A box for these items will be placed in the hallway behind the office, next to lost property - look out for the sign!

We will also be preparing 'origami balloon' packs for families to take home over the holidays, for those that would like to help make our massive rainbow of balloons! These packs are available in the front office waiting area.

Art Auction items (Sam Everton, Jane Eckett

Whether painting, drawing, sewing, photography, graphic design or sculpture is your thing we warmly welcome any and all art contributions to the Art Auction. Please drop it off at the school office or contact Sam or Jane to let them know what you are thinking about creating/donating. The schools Art room becomes a gallery showcasing the creative talents of our school community and is a wonderful collaboration.

Books, Books Books – Marie Kondo your bookcase for a good cause

The secondhand book stall is an absolute favourite for so many of the visitors to Winter Magic Market. Take the opportunity to clean out you bookcases and bring along books in good condition for the stall. You can leave the boxes of books in the corridor behind the office (There will be a sign showing you where to drop them off).

Social media – Instagram and Facebook guru (small amount of time each day/evening for three weeks)

We would love someone who has the time to post daily to be our social media coordinator for the Winter Magic Market, if you have a little time each day to upload info, pictures, photo of artworks, advertising for our key sponsors please contact with Tanya ( and Sam Everton (



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